Smoking woman sprays gasoline on customer who warned her not to smoke around gas pumps


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Holy crap. What? Why?

Has she not seen Zoolander?


When I worked at a gas station I once asked the fuel truck delivery man if people ever tried smoking around him while he pumped thousands of gallons of gas into the reservoir of a gas station. His reponse?

“All the time. Like you wouldn’t believe.”

“What do you do?”

“Well, if they’re far enough away, nothing. If they start walking over, I yell at them to get away. That usually does it.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

" Well, I have this crowbar…"


You beat me to it; first thing I thought of.


Great minds think alike!

…and so do we!


I don’t want to veer into victim blaming but I’d suggest this was, perhaps an unwise start.



Again with the happy mug shot? WTF people! Doing bad things that get you arrested is not a good thing.


Years ago when I still listened to NPR they had a good interview with one of the producers of COPS.
She talked about how easy it was to get the waivers signed by the perps as they would all be hey look at me on TV to their cell mates. These people are not the brightest and best humanity has to offer.


The correct answer is not to spray windshield cleaner at someone smoking in a filling station. The correct answer is to say politely “Ma’am, would you mind extinguishing your cigarette just for a moment while I move my car to a safe distance, so that I won’t be trapped with you in the fireball when you blow your fool ass sky-high.”


True, but there’s always a risk that it’ll end up

“Ma’am, would you mind ext… AAAHHHHHHHH!”


I agree that spraying the woman with windshield cleaner probably provoked part of the response.

But I think the smoking woman’s response would’ve been, “Fuck you.” (Something about that booking photo leads me to believe this…)


I’m sure it would have been.

I’d have stopped pumping and left. Then maybe called the gas station and/or police.

Actually, I’d probably just have finished filling my car, then left and done nothing except mention the idiot at the gas station to my wife when I got home.

(assuming I hadn’t been blown up, but that’s not something worth starting a fight with someone over)


I like a story that ends in a huge fireball or a broken leg or a happy perp shot or just anything that doesn’t involve someone getting shot.

What I’m saying is my mood has been a little low lately. I need some humor in my life. Maybe someone puts a stick of dynamite in their own arse and it accidentally goes off. That would be funny! Instead, oh yeah, this dude shot this other dude. Sigh.



If someone was smoking at the pump, I might consider the emergency shutoff button.


Give that man a cigar. Unlit please.


windshield cleaner

Isn’t that flammable?


I’d wager a large percentage of them are also intoxicated to the point where informed consent as actually impossible, probably shouldn’t have been asked for their signature in the first place.


Me too. I always make a note of the shutoff button’s location when I get gas. If someone catches their nozzle on fire, 9/10 times they’ll pull it out of the car, which is the wrong thing to do.

And then you have a flamethrower situation.