Obnoxious prankster puts out people's cigarettes with fire extinguisher

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“Obnoxious”? Sure, about as much as people that smoke in public places.


Have you ever been around when a fire extinguisher has been set off?

That shit gets everywhere, (partly why it is so useful for putting out fires.)

Cigarettes are gross, but using an extinguisher to put them out is serious overkill, and that reaction is even more obnoxious than the original offense.


Redundant headline. Prankster = obnoxious.

In this case, I’m fine with that.


Fair point.


Reminder to everyone: contemporary fire extinguishers use dry powder, not CO2.

Also, this guy’s a dick.


Fuck that guy. I would knock him the fuck out.


Some. It depends on the type of fire extinguisher, and what its intended to put out. CO2 extinguishers still exist, are still popular, and still work. And some of those dry powders can be fairly dangerous. You don’t want to be shooting any fire extinguisher off at people unnecessarily. This is dangerous. This obnoxious. And this is likely illegal in some fashion.

Right? I don’t care how much of chip you have on your shoulder about smoking being gross (I’m a smoker and I can tell you its far grosser than you can ever imagine). This is really no different that wandering around and slapping the cigarettes out of their hands/mouths. Just about anyone would be justified in slapping back.


I’m not a smoker but I’d help beat the crap out of this asshole.


If your prank results in a foreign substance all over me, expect massive, disproportionate retaliation.


I believe this is what you meant.



Perhaps not, though:


I have never used a fire extinguisher in situations like these, but I have been obnoxious anyway.

Sometimes if it is a posted no-smoking area I have simply taken the offender’s cig and stubbed it out myself. When they complained I said “You must be mistaken, this is a no-smoking area, you couldn’t have been smoking”.

What happened far more often was smokers leaving or flinging their spent butts around, which grosses me out at least as much as the smoking does. I have had people flip out and threaten me even for telling them to pick up their butts, so I am guessing that they had not been confronted about this by many people. Sometimes I have chased after them calling out “Hey! You dropped something!”, and when they extend their hand to see what it was, they fume at having their tossed butt dropped in it. When I had some hotheads threaten to beat me for telling them to pick up after themselves, I did the hard work for them by putting the butts in their shirt pocket. One time a cop looked to his partner for help when I told him to clean his ciggy mess, and their partner just shrugged and looked away, so they sucked it up and disposed of them properly.

Annoying as I have been, I ask people nicely, and do thank them for their cooperation. Last time this happened was about five years ago when I had a workplace that “looked the other way” about half of the employees smoking indoors.


I remember seeing (and coveting) at a restaurant when I was a kid a sign that read:
“No Smoking. If We See You Smoking, We Will Presume That You Are On Fire And Take Appropriate Action”.


Remi is a legend. He’s a very likeable asshole who never pulls the it’s just a prank card.


Half of the clips in his video certainly look like the victim is about to kick the shit out of him, but are cut off. I wonder how those incidents turned out.


That’s not a prank, that’s assault.

If someone’s smoking is bothering you, at least give them the courtesy of asking them to put it out first before physically attacking them.


Real talk; that’s a big and unnecessary risk you choose to take by doing so.

You never know how strangers will react to such confrontation.

You have no way of knowing if they are even in their right minds, or under the influence of any substances.

I once saw an ugly fist fight break out because someone took it upon themselves to crumple up someone else’s pack of cigarettes.

Long story short; there are more effective ways of communicating your dislike of smoking, ones which are not so potentially dangerous to your own safety.


Except that in most places, public outdoor smoking is perfectly legal. Assault with a fire extinguisher is not. Also, both acts are not equally socially accepted.