Obnoxious prankster puts out people's cigarettes with fire extinguisher

There’s also the potential liability in Gaillard’s overreaction; what if an individual who was standing nearby has respiratory problems, and the contents of the extinguisher causes them to have an adverse reaction?
What if someone is allergic to chemicals in the powder (or CO2) and goes into anaphylactic shock?


Seriously, in all my too many years of smoking, I’ve noticed that most smokers don’t like to feel like assholes. If you come up to them and ask nicely they will usually move or clear out as long as you’re sincerely voicing a concern.

When you come up to them ordering them around, expect them to react exactly how anyone else would. We’re people too. And we don’t like harming others as much as anyone else.


I do not think inorganic substances can provoke an allergic reaction, though I’m no expert. But your concern is noted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sure it will be equally as hilarious to this supreme douche when I slap his Big Mac right out of his mouth with a bundle of celery.


I’m not a cigarette smoker, but while growing up, pretty much every adult in my family was; based upon what I personally experienced, I concur.

Was that a ‘concern troll’ joke?


That’s true. It has been a long time since I have done so. I don’t know how much of the change is of time or place but people seem to be much better about it these days. Although being exposed to people’s smoke or saliva-covered filters I would contend is truly harmful/unsanitary, rather than simple dislike of say their taste in hats or whatever. Also my thinking is that my personal safety is less of a priority than that of the population at large.

I would say that this depends upon who one asks. People are often inconsistent about what sort of unsanitary personal habits should be a priority. For example, in the NY/NE area, if you called cops about somebody flicking their unsanitary drool-covered butts around, they would laugh at you. But if somebody was urinating in public, they would be there in a flash. And urine is rather sterile, being a negligible pathogen risk compared to saliva. Besides the obvious fact that everybody needs to urinate somewhere, but they don’t need to smoke.


Smoking is gross, and smoking where it’s prohibited is obnoxious and insensitive.

But this guy is a serial criminal who regularly commits assault, records the crime, and profits from the distribution of the recordings.

Fuck him.


Ew, no thanks.


[quote=“Boundegar, post:23, topic:85525”]I do not think inorganic substances can provoke an allergic reaction[/quote]Happens all the time. (Unless that’s just what “they” want us to believe.)


So the appropriate response would be to pretend to have a heart attack in response…



#" 'Lizabeth; I’m coming to join ya!"


If he had rigged a super soaker to look like a firehose, and then shot at the cigarette instead of their face, it might have been funny. Also, I bet he walked away from the grocery store without buying any water, requiring the staff to restock the shelves.


Preeeeetty sure that was assault.



Hey everyone! Did you hear the news? Assault and destruction of property both public and private is funny now. It’s just a prank as long as you do it to people saddled by an addiction society has deemed unworthy of compassion.


Then the smoke would already be setting them off.

I have allergies, and smoking fuckers sure as shit do a number on me.



Jerky, no doubt. Not as bad as these guys though:


Oh, is that a fact?

As someone with severe allergies who grew up around about 70% heavy smokers, please do tell.

Did you know that allergists don’t even bother to test for smoke allergies anymore because pretty much all people are automatically “allergic” to it?

And that some people can build up a tolerance to second hand smoke, despite the inherent aversion to it?

(Hint; I’m one of them.)

Going even further, there are many different types of allergies; what causes your system to start producing histamine, may not have the same effect on mine.

To act as though everyone has the same triggers is erroneous thinking.

All that being said, my point remains the same:

The prankster’s actions have an effect not just on the person he targeted, but everyone else in the local vicinity, and it could have easily had unintended but still detrimental consequences… not the least of which is getting his ass kicked.


Obnoxious prankster puts out people’s cigarettes with fire extinguisher

I love this guy, like really love him.


Have you seen his other videos? Retaliation by his subjects (including the police) is par for the course.