Woman who is refused cigarette lights man's car on fire


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Holy Moses- what an asshole.


The dangers of smoking, sheesh!


They always say not to pull the nozzle out if there is a fire, and, while it’s obvious to see why you shouldn’t, it’s also obvious that it’s a pretty natural reaction.

Would it be so hard to put a basic temperature sensor into the tip of the nozzle (a thermocouple would cost almost nothing) and an automatic shut-off if it detected a high temperature?


Note to self: Stop flow of gasoline before yanking flaming nozzle from vehicle



I like where this thread is headed!

If you find a nail in your tire, do not pull it out!


Can’t get station owners to put the vapor-recapture devices on there, I doubt a thermocouple change is going to happen.

This is the kind of stuff we can expect to happen more often, what with that woman running for office and scaring men and such.


I’m smoking more now, but enjoying it less.


I’ll be the first to say I don’t believe her.
Walking back to the man is one thing, but that last little reach you can see as she sets it alight gives it away. Fully conscious of what she’s doing, because she doesn’t want to catch herself on fire.


Clearly a measured and proportionate response.


Nope, that wouldn’t work. Leave the nozzle where it is, slam the “cut the electricity” button, go for the fire extinguiser instead.


That sabra needs to retire in Florida.


If you should ever find yourself stabbed, leave the blade in until you are in a hospital where they can safely remove it.


“he denied her request to give him a cigarette”

I think you mean “he denied her request to give her a cigarette”. Or simply “he denied her request for a cigarette”.


I wonder if what happened here is the very reason they tell you not to get back into your vehicle when refilling: Static discharge.

I wonder if she went over to the nozzle intending to do something - stop it? Pull it out? And when she touched it, there was a static discharge that set it alight.

The going recommendation is to stay in contact with your vehicle while charging, so you don’t build up a differential charge by walking away, or from the upholstery in your car by getting in/out, etc.


Now that’s what I call a “nicotine fit”.


Uh, no she has a lit cigarette in her hand as you can clearly see in the video.

  1. Seems like a measured and reasonable response.

  2. You’re making it worse! (By pulling it out).

Here is a handy rhyme for remembering when to pull out:

“Don’t want a baby?
Pull out of the lady.
Refueling around spark and flame?
Leave in the octane!”