How Jared Fogle targeted his child sexual abuse victims, in his own words


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"It’s just disgusting that Dr Phil would show this and cash in on the abuse of children. Here, read all about it on our site. And click some ads while you’re at it!

Tomorrow: more filth you’ll never see on OUR site"


It takes a host as gross as Dr. Phil to post this stuff. And YouTube. And boing boing. Seriously? You’re gonna be judgey and then do the exact same thing? Hypocrit much? So when you do it, it’s what? Hi brow journalism but when Phil does it it’s gross? Hairsplitting.


I was looking for something creepy for halloween and all but really this is just disgusting. Unicorn chaser please?


Happy Halloween! Hey kiddies - who likes scary monsters? We all do!

Well in this story we have a story about a… oh… wait… uh… um… never mind.


I think Fogle falls in the super creeps category.


Did you at least get your meth at whole sale?


Did she do that terrible laugh in bed?


I dunno, but maybe we shouldn’t be linking to info that sexual predators can use as a how-to manual…



Well, it seems to me that he is complaining about Boingboing’s labeling of Dr. Phil as gross for broadcasting the Fogle material, while at the same time linking to it themselves.

I don’t think he’s completely without a point. If Bb had simply said, “Look what that asshole Dr. Phil did” in a clearly condemnatory way, it wouldn’t necessarily matter if Bb linked to Dr. Phil video, but the post also claims that “[t]he content of the tapes may be informative for people who want to understand how sexual predators think.”

Oh! So, there’s some merit in the recordings? Doesn’t that mean Dr. Phil did a good thing by distributing them? I’m not saying he did, but there’s some cognitive dissonance in the original post.


I see. You have a logical point. However, is it really how to materials? I mean every sociopath knows to manipulate on people’s weaknesses. That’s not stuff that needs instructions.

Remember the guy last week anchoring feelings in people on the BBS with NLP? Shit, I almost fucked my dog, that guy was so good at anchoring. He told me he learned it off Dr. Phil.


You’re more suggestible than I thought at first…


Try me. You might not be so surprised.


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You got off lucky. I killed the Queen of England.

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WhoTF suggested that? Stop listening to the others…


I’m just doing what people suggest. Do you have any better suggestions?


Yes! But if you keep accepting input willy-nilly then I’m powerless. Sadly.