Bobcat Goldthwait does the impossible in his latest film — again



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I love this article. I plan on seeing the movie eventually. I’m…just so touched (tetched?) right now…I do know the pain of child abuse, just not from the same sources, but does that really matter? And I have told. And I’ve have felt better. <3


Bobcat’s Shakes the Clown is more than a side-splittingly funny “Citizen Kane of alcoholic clown movies”.

It is an honest portrait of alcoholism, and an earnest plea for alcoholics to talk about and deal with their problems.

Keep on being Bobcat, Bobcat. Keep on.


Bobcat making films is news to me and I’ll be sure to look up his other offerings.

I’m not sure if it’s a mom thing but as I have gotten older, I find myself having very visceral responses to violence against children or children being neglected. For example, the film Selma (spoiler alert) opens with a visual of the church bombing in Birmingham. I already knew that thinking about that bombing makes me very upset but I was still shocked by how I immediately burst into tears watching the scene.

I would be interested in seeing this movie, but the whole Catholic church child rape thing is one that makes me angry to my core and I’m not sure how well I’d handle the memories he shares. I am so glad someone is promoting talking about these shameful things people hide.


Absolutely do. He is polarizing, but I get him and I really cherish his work. He had a stand up routine released around 2010 that is good stuff too.

I wasnt abused when I was young so I hope Im not out of line. But knowing Bobcat’s style I would totally trust him with a subject like this. Im looking forward to this doc, and I expect it to be have depth and to be a meaningful piece.


After the initial shock wore off, we started howling, crying laughing, holding our stomachs, unable to breathe, at how perfectly Goldthwait was impersonating a vulnerable, mentally deficient man trying to do comedy. The perfect mashup of two opposite ideas.



Bobcat is an authentic humanist comedic voice unlike any other, long may he wave. The film looks terrific too.

That Olsen fellow certainly knows his funny stuff, let’s see more from him.


Brilliant article, which proves its point in the warm, touching, yet hilarious interview with the filmmaker and his subject. I can’t wait to see this film. Thank you, Martin.


No one is more perfect to write this article about two life long friends and their most current project. Martin Olson’s insight in who Bobcat Goldthwait is as an artist, and as an integral man on a selfless mission, to tell the hard story of his friend Barry Crimmins, is pure truth and love. Barry Crimmins like the other two men mentioned is also a man who although had intense hardships to endure, survived to turn his life and work into helping others.
As a survivor myself, I see the tremendous benefit this film will serve. The countless others that this film will inspire to live their truth with love and kindness and how the circle of life, even the afterlife brings light in the bleakest dark.


Excellent article! I will be checking out the film Thank you Boing Boing


This sounds like a very difficult, very complex and very important film … I look forward to seeing it, and the other Goldthwait films mentioned.


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What a beautiful, sensitive, article, yet written in a bravura writing style which combines to vividly highlight the horrors which Barry had to endure.

As a survivor of childhood violence, I can relate and will definitely be watching this documentary.

Thanks for sharing your story, Barry.


Much admiration and support for talking about what happened, Lucy. It’s important.


Thanks for this great insight into two fascinating men!


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Bobcat! He was one of the most imitated comics in my neighborhood back in the day, and I’ve seen and loved all of his movies, starting with Police Academy I mean Shakes! Really looking forward to seeing this new one, and to more poignant, funny articles from Martin Olson! I truly felt like I was on the line with the three of you ( and in the ding way back when). Now where’s that Kleenex?


Oh, g-d, even “Shakes the Clown 7: Mission to Moscow, PA” was a joy to behold. Didn’t think Jodorowski still had it in him after all those years making Beverley Hills Cop type Hollywood trash; but if anybody could have pulled him out of that funk, it was Goldwaith.


Yes, …“I’ve have…”…so my fingers stuttered when I typed, LOL!


Some things are just never funny, no matter how much you critically analyse them.