Natasha Stoynoff's account of Trump sexual assault now backed by 6 witnesses


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Really, can we please fast forward to November, please.


I feel the need to point out that we do, broadly, culturally encourage this bullshit. It’s been bothering me for a while, but the instant the Trump quote about “grabbing them by the pu :pouting_cat: :pouting_cat:y” came out, my mind immediately went to this scene from a very popular movie.

But people claim there’s no such thing as rape culture.


The ugliness defense is especially weak in this case. What a good-looking woman!


I rewatched a couple of the Revenge of the Nerds movie, it’d been ages since i had seen them. Last i remember i was rather young, and wanted to see how they held up over the years since those movies tend to come up every now and then in discussions of nerd culture, nostalgia, etc.
The movie is shockingly sexist, rapey, and worst of all the main characters of the movie are the very ones engendering this awful behavior. Almost more so than the alleged preppy bad guys.
I enjoy crude humor quite a bit but i found the movie to really cross many lines. And it’s only one of many college themed movies that glorifies this kind of attitude, rape culture is alive and well. Especially in Hollywood so it would seem.


Even though it’s 11 years later, and she now has validation, it must’ve been tough for her to speak up.

And remember, it’s not just a rich-white-guy-wanting-to-prove-his-power-over-the-“weaker sex” crime. It’s a person - of any class, color, creed, et al - who wants to not only prove his/her power, but do it in the most intimate way possible, so that their damage is stamped onto their victim, which relieves the perpetrator temporarily of his/her damage.

Trust me on that one, okay?


Try watching Ghostbusters with skeevy Venkman.


I wonder what the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office will have to say about filing charges against Mr. Trump.

My guess: probably nothing for the next three weeks.


It is my theory that a large chunk of the hate directed at the new Ghostbusters movie was for how neatly they inverted the sexism of the original.


That’s the old underdog narrative that fed the “friend-zoned nice guy best friend” turned pick up artist and MRA shtick - “those handsome privileged jocks are getting all the subservient women/targets, now it’s my turn to get them too!” The role of the women in these scenarios doesn’t change regardless of whether it’s the abusive asshole jock or the unrequited lovelorn nerd who is pursuing them.


I watched this movie two nights ago with my wife. We both hated it. Was it the inverted sexism or the female cast? No, it was the horrible and predictable writing, poor pacing, and lack of direction. We turned to each other and said “Well, that was a piece of shit. I’m sorry I wasted two hours of my life.” I blame the writers and the director. The cast worked with the crap they were given.


My thoughts went straight to the pool party when Jacy gets groped in The Last Picture Show.


NOTE: These 6 people did NOT witness the event.
In the most recent People article, they are coming forward to say Ms Stoynoff told them about the incident back when it happened - refuting the Trump/Trump supporter claims that she’s only now telling the story.

She also says that it’s entirely possible Trump doesn’t remember her or the specific event like he claims… because he accosts women so frequently… (ha!)


Not a thing. The statute of limitations has expired.


That’s a shame.


I’d argue the ugliness defense is always BS.


100% agree! Let’s stop with this idea that being sexually harassed or assaulted is really some sort of compliment. It’s like saying,
"If you weren’t so pretty/sexy/alluring, men wouldn’t be driven mad and forced to force their attentions on you.
Oh, and if you haven’t ever been groped, poor thing. So homely."


Mine went to this:


Yep. Though I don’t think that’s what @Boundegar was trying to imply.