Six women accuse director Brett Ratner of misconduct

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Fuck this creeper rapist bro culture. That he boasted about it publicly in the past really disgusts me.


Manners have been soluble long before the age of trump. The age of trump is washing the remaining residue away. A whites only wash cycle.

LA sounds pretty disgusting. How do people get around without being splooged on? LA is a city that should stay behind a curtain at the neighborhood video store.


Boy, if things continue at this rate we may be out of producers and stars for Hollwood blockbusters before long. Carry on!


Good. That makes a whole lot more room for the talented women that have been sidelined in Hollywood due to rampant misogyny.


The age of Trump has emboldened the worst assholes to end any pretense of civility. The religious right has completely abandoned Christianity and revealed that they only worship wealth and authority. The far right nutjobs have stopped pretending that they aren’t fascist white supremacists to their evil core. Let’s hope that this reveal has offended the majority to the extent that Trump and his minions will be voted out and permanently lose any influence that they may have forever.


While I am no fan of the president, this actually represents good (finally) happening. People are tired of putting up with the nonsense and are speaking up. It is good that we are hearing about people who have abused their position for years being brought to task. It is good that people are standing up for their rights and are pushing back. It is good that people feel that they can no longer sit idle and let discrimination and mistreatment happen.

The bad part is that so much is happening at the moment that there is bad stuff happening that doesn’t get noticed. When the world is burning down, arson goes unnoticed.


OTOH, Hollywood movies long ago gave up any pretense. It’s clear now that these are rape movies made by rapers for rapers.

That’s interesting. I was thinking that Trump winning the election has pissed off and stressed so many people who have a desire to fight back against his brand of proud misogyny that they have reached a breaking point and well… if they can’t get Trump, at least they can fight back against the people in their lives who represent the same sort proud misogyny as the orange one. I see all these revelations as the backlash against Trumpism rather than the result of it.


Unfortunately pick your favorite city and industry and you’ll see this behavior. LA stands out right now because their powerful abusive people are particularly visible. It isn’t going to be international news if a steel executive in Cleveland or a hotel owner in New Orleans exhibits the same behavior.


Hopefully the process of revelation and expulsion and will continue until the boil is lanced.


I do not see a claim of “I banged her” in a public forum any sort of manners. Fear and shame are appropriate emotions to experience on reflecting on such disgusting behavior.


Keep shining that light on the cockroaches and watch their panicked scurry for cover that hopefully isn’t there.


From what i can tell it was during a Howard Stern interview. He claimed to have slept with her and:

“I’m now the producer of the Oscars, so I really can’t talk about all the sex I got,” Ratner told Stern before talking about his “huge balls,” large sperm count, proclivity for oral sex and how he made actress Olivia Munn “look like a whore.”


*At work so my availability to dig up more is limited.


Nope. This time it’s only six accusers. Could be coincidence, did they even bother to check?

Yeah, I meant it as in “it’s a good thing”. As to who will replace them, I don’t really care about their reproductive organs as long as they stop trying to create “cinematic universes”.

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Nice try, but the sexual assaults and abuse happened long before the current US president was elected.

What? This one man is so powerful, that all the brainless people called Americans just follow his lead without question? All three hundred million plus, whether they voted for him or not? Wow, that’s like a de facto admission that the US president is the only person with free will and a mind in that country. Well, at least the rest of the world can now feel intellectually superior in comparison.

There were never any manners in the upper echelons of power. Barbarians always rise to the top. Tyrannical abuse was always a thing in the communications and arts segments. And corporate. And governmental. And religious. Hollywood has been molesting little kids all along, just as did the church, and apparently, Trump was the mastermind of it all, even before he was born. For decades, boors in power who preached from the Left of the aisle proved to be as big neanderthals as the ones on the Right. Give some petty idiot a paper crown and a title, and see the monster come out to keep his delusional pecking order in place.

The Western world has a lot bigger problems than Trump – the movie industry, which has had the monopoly on mainstream cultural identity, has now been proven to be perfectly corrupt. The idols, heroes, Great Men, and their narratives are now exposed to be tainted and rigged, and the once “safe” topic of movies and television is no longer so.

When an entire group of people have been happily led by trollies who had lawyers, lobby groups, image consultants, and pr firms cleaning up their insufferable messes – they have some serious soul-searching to do – and laying the blame on one person who came in long after those atrocities began is not the right answer. This isn’t a few bad apples – this is about an entire structure of at least one industry that is incapable of regulating itself.

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Nice try, but the sexual assaults and abuse happened long before the current US president was elected. … There were never any manners in the upper echelons of power.

Here “manners” refers not only the civilized norms that protect and reinforce good behavior, but the unspoken expectations and codes of silence that benefit abusers. This is why the ascendance of Trump heralds both new horrors and the long-deserved destruction of old ones.




Men in positions of power have been exploiting their social stature to prey on women, children and others who have little to no power since time out of mind, but the veneer of civility made many people just ignore it and continue to go along with the status quo.

Now that the facade is crumbling, thanks in part to the unprofessional, antisocial behavior of 45, so is the shield of ‘polite society’ that has protected a predatory culture for ages.


That’s kind of an insult to Cthulhu; he may be an agent of discord and chaos, but at least he isn’t mind-numbingly stupid.