Matt Damon would like you to congratulate Matt Damon for not being a sexual predator


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Christ, what a sexual predator asshole.


#notallmen the famous actor edition


most of the people I know don’t do that.

Including the Afflecks?


Most of the people.


Don’t listen to him, he’s just talking without saying anything. We’re trying to listen to women for a change.


But it’s been a couple of months, isn’t that enough? /s


Go ahead Matt, downsize yourself, please do.




He did though dis-engage himself from Minnie Driver in a public and humiliating way for her. On national TV. Without mentioning it to her.

Hence her very public approbation of him now:

Lest we forget, and all.


Every time he opens his mouth, I have less and less respect. I was planning on going to see Downsizing. Not anymore. What a douchebag.


It’s arrogance to say that he knows the men around him wouldn’t do things like that. He has no way of knowing, he’s a man.

Plus, has he not met his best bud’s brother?!!





lol, a case of the EveryThing-Is-About-Me, A-White-Male.


That GIF is from a kind of homophobic part of the film, which I will admit still gets a laugh out of me simply because I like how George Plympton gets so flustered.

As I see it, Hollywood destroys your soul. The big studios are interested in making 2-hour long commercials that cost millions of dollars, and taking part in that gigantic circle-jerk means you risk losing touch with reality (edit: and of course, doing a lot of ‘self-congratulating.’)

I’m sure there are a lot more shoes to drop, Matt.


Can’t tell if this is Krungle or Mattdamon…


“…there are a whole s—load of guys — the preponderance of men I’ve worked with — who don’t do this kind of thing and whose lives aren’t going to be affected,”…

… (until they’re outed).


For guys like Matt who pull the “spectrum of behaviour” bullshit:

Summary tagged for graphic injury depiction.



In his defense, he is very pretty.