Where does it end?

Is everything I consider to be wholesome and good rotten?

Who is next, Mr Rogers?

Won’t you be my neighbor indeed.


If course I now realize the correct response to this is:

Meanwhile my fears are 'shit now people like my parents well go ‘SEE! homos are all molestors and animals!’


If this follows the now-established formula we’ll soon hear corroborating claims from other people coming forward.

Here’s hoping this is the rare exception that turns out to be untrue, but until then it’s a sad day either way.


I hope this is not turning into a panic like the “Satanic Daycare” hysteria in the 1980s. We have sort of primed the situation by making victimhood a means to acquire status.
But we are mostly talking about people who are powerful, and powerful people often believe that normal rules of decorum and civilization do not apply to them. Even those who might otherwise be considered role models.


Wow. Yes, that’s what people speaking out want… not justice, but “status”. Because it’s so great to be known for being a victim of sexual assault. /s


Victimhood culture does seem to be a thing. Whether it is a factor in any of these specific cases is not something I can claim to know.
I have no doubt that many of those people making recent accusations are doing so because they finally feel that they are in an environment where they feel safe calling out those who have wronged them. But human nature being what it is, there will be some people who have other motivations. There have always been people who crave sympathy and attention, and others who are motivated by anger or spite. Or revenge, Or envy. Or mental illness.
That is the whole point of having an impartial justice system. If nobody ever made false accusations, we would not need all those courts and juries and so forth. The establishment of our justice system is an acknowledgement of the flaws in human nature and perception.


And focusing on that as opposed to the very real problems of sexual assault is a typical derailing tactics to shut up victims.


I hope this doesn’t continue to be the “they just did this to make money” hysteria in the 2000s when literal Gods among men like Kobe Bryant were forced to apologize just because they got some. /s


We have to make sure that only legitimate cases of rape are addressed, so as not to upset the system that privileges men over women. After all, isn’t that just the natural order? /s




Everything is fine. More people you admire and/or your childhood heroes will be swept up in this, many of them will be guilty but you need to accept it because the train to a better future is leaving soon and we need to be on it…


Takei says, these stories are false.

In other news, Mel Gibson is back in theaters. Yay?

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He’s not the only person who was accused who said so, though. You can also read the story I posted above for some more context.

I hope he’s telling the truth, but we shouldn’t let our love of Takei cloud our judgement about these issues. If he did this, he should accept responsibility for it. We’ll just have to see.


I did, and some other articles. I just posted that in contrast to CK, who said, “These stories are true.”

Sure, but then again Roy Moore continues to deny allegations against him as well (I hate having to think about that hateful bigot in the same moment as Takei).

We’ll just have to see, is my point.


Yes, it’s a wait and see (about Takei. The other guys can go fuck themselves.). I read an article about another take on this whole sitch, don’t know if it’s been posted anywhere else or if you’ve seen it, but check it out. I really liked what she had to say.

As previously suggested: