E. Jean Carroll accuses Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in the mid-1990s

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‘He lunges at me, pushes me against the wall, hitting my head quite badly, and puts his mouth against my lips.’ Then it gets worse.


Name a trait of humanity that’s utterly abhorrent and makes you think that our species would be best served by a fiery meteor right to the ecosystem. I promise you, whatever you just said, this president endorses it, embodies it, and is guilty of performing it.


“And if you’re famous…”


Why doesn’t he just die in his sleep already.


he confessed right on tape before the election and it didn’t change a thing, anyone else would be under investigation and if other people came forward they’d be prosecuted

I’m glad she got a chance to say what happened to her but it’s beyond pointless


To everyone who wonders why it took so long?


You might want to post that in bold red all caps, along with the other typical victim-blaming statements that someone in these topics always shows up to share with us.

Same goes for Spiers’s admonishment about dismissing this accusation as irrelevant. We need to hear these stories.


My heart hurts. I’m a survivor of sexual assault, and I just need a picture of my kitty sleeping like a baby bunny right now. So, I hope this helps someone else out there.


Why am I being told not to ask why it took her this long to tell this story? The delay in telling the story is part of the story. Asking that question does not impute any ill motives toward her, nor does it question her veracity. The question seeks to understand why she feels compelled to tell this story at this time. Being told to shut up and not ask questions smacks of … Trumpism.


You don’t understand who Xeni is and why she said that. She’s actually trying to deter people from trying to say she’s trying to smear him before an election, or is trying to get attention after so many years. She’s essentially saying to not ask, just listen to what the woman says.


Christ, the more I read about how police (and the culture at large) respond (or don’t) to sexual assaults, the more I wonder how it is that anyone reports them, ever.

Reading a NYTimes article a few weeks back, where they recounted a case of violent assault, where there was tons of physical evidence, and the cops finally track down the perpetrator and suddenly drop the case, because the perp has claimed it was “consensual;” reading that article just destroyed me. I just can’t even with this culture.


The vintage of a sexual assault is the second most common tactic used to impugn accusers of powerful men. The first most common tactic is, of course, to question the accuser’s character and motives. The White House has employed both tactics already.


In his sleep. That would be… troublesome.

Because that is the direct path to asking when should you not take her seriously. An hour? A day? A week? When could she be safely ignored?

Because your statement, as “helpful” and “open” as you think it is, leads only to shame and worse for every single woman who has to deal with similar situations and does nothing to resolve the problem.


I’m just waiting for a hamberder to lodge itself in his aorta during one of his stupid campaign rallies.


You want to know why it takes women sometimes years to come forward?

  1. Because trauma is complicated, and we all handle it differently. “Fight, flight or freeze” doesn’t just apply to the moment, it also applies to dealing with what our shocked brains go through afterwards.

  2. We’re encouraged not to. See the story.

  3. Because working through trauma while also trying to navigate the police and court system – which inflicts it’s own trauma while constantly bringing up the initial one – is too much for some to handle. See also: 2, as cops will often gaslight you or discourage you, because rape cases are hard and can’t be easily closed. That’s not even counting the fact that a large number of cops sympathize more with rapists.

  4. Because we don’t want to see our entire lives ripped open and laid bare for the entertainment of fucking strangers. Going through the system will do that bad enough. Throw in it being a celebrity who’s cozy with the tabloids, and it’s a complete clusterfuck.

  5. And because we don’t want to deal with the fucking assholes who feel it’s their business to question how we deal with any of the above. The ones who get offended when told to take their JAQing off elsewhere.

Any further questions?


created simply to make the President look bad

Yeah, this is the thing. This thing will do it.


In addition, we also know that even if we do put ourselves through all that, it usually ends up like this:


But this isn’t just about her. There were other women who did come forward years ago and she could have given weight to those accusations

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Go back and read every single comment between this quote and my last and then think about what you just said.


I already had. If you have sympathy for one victim of sexual abuse, why don’t you have sympathy for the others? How do you think they feel reading this now?