‘Clarence’ creator accused of sexual assault




Assault is serious, but are you sure Twitter s the best medium for addressing this?


I would think discussing this with the police and not HR or twitter would make the most sense. If it’s actually sexual assault. If it’s unwanted attention then HR sounds more appropriate. If it’s harassment then this reaction (publicly shaming the person) makes sense.


I follow a few of the people included in the article (including Emily Partridge) and have been vaguely following the story.

I don’t have much to add but I thought I’d point out that Emily Partridge tweeted this earlier today:


She doesn’t like the article and it’s obvious why… wow is it weird in its tone and what they chose to include and to comment on.

(Although the points addressed by the previous two comments here are actually covered by the tweets quoted in the article…)


Do you think the police take sexual assault as a whole very seriously? Because you’d be wrong.

And did you read the article? It states she went to HR. And that one of the reasons she is doing this is because speaking out against sexual harassment/assault is quite difficult. People don’t listen. Also, apparently, people in his social circle confirm that he has done this sort of thing before – that it’s normal for him.

So, yes, Twitter IS the best place, since clearly no one is taking his behavior seriously.


Fake reports of sexual assault are extremely rare. Men assuming reports of sexual assault are fake are extremely common. So there’s that.


I´m not saying you´re wrong but this is a classic case of [citation needed].


So its guilty until proven innocent ? This guys is going to get thrown under the bus from word alone …its not hard for someone to scream rape


I never realized George Will had so many sock-puppets.


Hey guys…it would be wonderful if you could remove the link to cartoon brew and either write a new article with some actual journalistic integrity or abstain from reporting on this. The image of Emily is being used against her wishes and cartoon brew really dropped the ball on this one. It’s not up to your standard of quality at best and at worst it’s offensive and harmful. And it’s probably closer to worst than best.

(emily’s tweet requesting that the article not be circulated has already been posted in the comments)


Good god, you think a woman who is risking her career and reputation by calling out someone publicly like this didn’t think about talking to HR, or talking to the police? Are you guys really that dim?


Cartoon Brew ‘Clarence’ creator accused of sexual assault

Cartoon Network is probably what you’re looking for.

Cartoon Brew is a cartoon/animation blog.


We aren’t the court of law. And no one is screaming rape. And women don’t just “scream rape” – false rape claims are right in the same ball-park as any other false claim of crime. IT IS NOT THAT COMMON. She is not lying. Don’t imply that she’s lying.

And your implication that a court of law would even give a fuck is wrong. The statistics say otherwise. Most rapists don’t see the court room, let alone a jail cell.


You can Google this statistic quite easily. There is a general rate of false claims in general, not just in regards to rape, and they are all about equal. Including rape. And that’s UNFOUNDED rape, btw – which does not necessarily mean it didn’t happen.


Isn’t it astounding? It astounds me that even here in BoingBoing, there is so much ignorance about a subject we should all be very familiar with by now.


It’s not even ignorance! People have heard these idiotic arguments in abstract and then try to apply them to real actual people in real actual situations without even thinking for a second.


It’s at least as hard as screaming “Thief!” or “Fraud!” or “Murder!” falsely, but nobody ever leaps to assuming that every crime of theft or fraud or murder is a lie.


A follow-up from Jeff Howe, Skyler’s close friend:

As someone who is close to the situation I think it would be useful to present additional information about the incident:

Skyler is currently in the hospital receiving treatment for mental illness. Specifically a form of Bipolar 1 that results in prolonged psychotic episodes, not sleeping for days, and erratic, sometimes frightening behavior that mimics schizophrenia. On the same day the assault happened, Skyler also walked through the streets shirtless screaming at cops. I saw him try to smoke cigarettes through his nose and drink days old olive juice. He popped in and out of different characters, and answered questions with riddles. And the next day, when me and another close friend drove him to the hospital to get him treatment, I sat with him for hours in the Emergency Room as he sat strapped to a bed singing They Might Be Giants songs and talking like a cowboy. I don’t know if he was cognizant enough to see that I was crying.

And an opinion from Emilord, Production Coordinator on Adventure Time:

I’m not using his illness as an excuse, I’m not minimizing his actions in any way shape or form. It’s still a despicable thing that Skyler did (both this time and times before). However, people need to know what else has been going on. Skyler was put in a position of having his own show, let the power go to his head, and was completely unable to emotionally handle the pressure. He has had episode after episode, and the studio did not know how to handle it. They eventually took him off most creative aspects of the show, but not entirely. The first time he was hospitalized, hardly anything was changed when he came back. They just assumed that since he was out of the hospital, that it meant he was “cured.” I was LIVID. No mental illness magically gets “cured.” But because there is such a stigma around mental disorders, nobody higher up knew how to deal with it. That’s a problem.


And then there’s Yaanu’s comments. Sounds like people were taking it seriously.

EDIT: OK, I took the semi-personal jab out. But I’ll say this instead: from reading Yaanu’s comments, I’m guessing this guy will be able to kiss his job goodbye, unless the network feels they might be liable for firing someone during a mental health issue. If he’s like people I’ve worked with whose schizophrenia is out of control, that may be for the best for everyone involved; I just hope the guy has someone who cares enough about him to take care of him…and I hope the Internet hivemind doesn’t decide that they need to doxx/harass him while he’s in the hospital. Sounds like everyone’s been through enough already without the Social Justice Brigade getting involved.


Jesus. Animators are a crazy bunch of people even at the best of times, but how does a studio let shit get that out of hand?