T**** Case Derail

I am a victim of sexual abuse. I think there’s an additional valuable point to consider:

The author made a deliberate choice to write the headline that way. Would he have written it that way for any other political piece of shit? Of course not. Why? Because few of his disgusting acts have effectively stuck to him, and politically and culturally those disgusting acts have been minimized by him getting away with it. A profound, hugely unacceptable culture shift.

Context and intent matter here, the author is trying to fight that: using a platform to plant visceral imagery (uttered by a Federal Judge) so it may propagate and stick to him where other things could not. With luck, like a “cord of steel”. It’s clear he’s using explicit wording to brand TFG permanently as a fucking rapist. Good. Because nobody should get away with that shit. And that is what should take precedent. The author is doing what’s right to protect women by playing the long game. And I’d bet E Jean Carrol, given her profound sacrifices, trauma, bravery and transparency would support the fuck out of that headline and that strategy.

You’re not the only victim of sexual assault and others might feel differently. Do they not matter because of how YOU feel? Really? Fuck them? Who gives a shit how they feel? In a world that is increasingly hostile to women, where our rights are slowly being taken away from us and where the threat of violence and rape for those of us who don’t conform is absolutely increasing? Should BB just go the same route of pushing women and any victims of assault off the platform if they can’t “take it”?

It doesn’t help. Let people make the choice, instead of just putting a frank description of a violent assault in a headline. That is what the headline is doing, reminding people that women are so little valued, that a description of a reminder of our full dehumanization is considered little more than rage-inducing clickbait.

BB is better than that.


Your personal method of coping as a survivor is no reflection upon how other survivors may feel.

Who are you to determine such a thing for other people?

Wow, that’s a lot of unfounded supposition, there; I know I don’t feel especially “protected.”

(Lately, I actually feel like BB has been complicit in posting a fair amount of “bait.”)

Wow… after chiding the members here for deigning to know how someone else may feel, you turned right around and did the exact same thing to someone who isn’t present to speak for herself.

Lastly, Rob is more than capable of speaking for himself.


Seems to me this:

is applicable to this:

So, fuck the people who are upset by this? Because you’re not? yeah, fuck that.

We all matter. Not just YOU and YOUR view.


Hmm, aren’t you speaking and arguing for all victims of sexual assault and abuse? Where are they?

Seems to me you don’t give a fuck about any of the women here, their feelings on this subject, or their reactions.

You do you; I won’t expect any empathy from you in the future.


No, we’re not. We’re saying that SOME might be upset by it, for good reason. YOU are saying that only your experience matter.

Might be that some left because they found this upsetting.


No, I’m speaking solely for MYSELF, as a survivor.

Your feelings don’t matter more than mine, or anyone else here.



So just to be clear, only potentially hurtful triggering matters in the headline tying actual penetration to trump? Is that your position? No other bigger picture narratives or strategies matter in the fight to stop future abuse? Or take down trump, the rapist? And have that be an example to other men?


People who are affected by this headline are saying it is a problem for them. Is that not good enough for you? Because it should be.


I am a victim of sexual abuse. I don’t see the point in presuming how victims might feel about imagery in a headline. There’s a more important point to consider:

You go on to explain how YOU don’t find the violent act explicitly described in theheadline and how it’s a GOOD thing in fact. That is YOUR opinion, and you’re entitled to it. But to dismiss people who say it’s upsetting to them and don’t see a need to describe a violent act of sexual assault, including SOME OF THE WOMEN IN THIS THREAD, shows that YOU feel that ONLY your views matter. That might not be your intent, but that’s what you’re doing.


Thank you so much.
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I didn’t add the /S or a rolleyes smiley, I just felt it.


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Always tag the sarcasm… in our fucked up age, it’s often hard to know it when you read it…


I respect that, with empathy. But I didn’t write the headline. But I can appreciate a part of what I think the author is trying to accomplish. Maybe the author will defend or explain here, but I kind of doubt it. Let’s see if they change it on moral grounds.

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No one said you did. You ARE defending the description of a violent assault in the headline.

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