Jerry Lewis's co-stars say he sexually harassed and sexually assaulted them

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I am not surprised.


began masturbating in front of her.

What is it with comedians and this particular form of sexual assault? I’ve heard about this again and again.


Apart from Louis C.K. who else is on the list? This is very interesting and I wander if it relates to their comedy genre?


Chris D’Elia is another one who’s been accused of this. I also had a woman stand-up friend who told me that two different non-famous comedians did this backstage to her on two separate occasions.


Men in positions of any sort of power over a woman girl or boy do this all the time.

I’m very much interested in the comedy genre as there are some real pricks there… as well as some real hero’s of mine!


^^^ FJ - My dude, some of them didn’t keep silent and all they got were “That’s show biz, toots.” The rest kept silent because they would receive the same brush off, and it would jeopardize them ever working again. It is only NOW that the culture has shifted enough where people might go, “You know what, I think I believe them!”

I am a cis white male who was seemingly randomly target by some creep who called me up in the 90s and sexually harassed me. While I have shared that story a few times online, I think i have told 1 or 2 people ever IRL that ever happened, and it was a decade + afterwards.

So, yeah, I totally get why people who have had worse happen to them don’t telly everyone at the time.


I think I’d be very nervous to expose my junk inappropriately. I’d also be very nervous to stand in front of a room of people with the goal of being funny. Which is why I don’t do stand-up, and masturbating in front of someone doesn’t “do it for me” either. But I can imagine that the kind of person who feeds off of nervous energy to perform better might be drawn to both situations.


JFC, that’s not a fucking excuse and it does not make it less of a crime.


He can’t defend his actions, but he also can’t serve any consequences for those actions either, so I call it fair.


Geez, what’s with all these folks creating brand new accounts today just to defend Jerry Lewis? What a weird hill to die on.


Damn; a whole lot of ‘first time posters’ are signing up to cape for a long-dead singer who was a well known pedo.

Did someone send up a signal to the so-called “manosphere” or something?


Jinx, I owe you some coke.


They want to ensure that women shut up about sexual assault by reminding us that we don’t matter and that it’s our fault. it has little to do with defending Jerry Lewis and everything to do with defending men’s rights to abuse women…


I’m sure getting tired of these women piling on these men years or even decades after the supposed harassments occurred. Now, they’re even piling on a dead guy who cannot defend himself in court. IMHO, the first woman who did not report this should be held responsible for covering up the act and allowing it to continue and involve more women. The first victim’s silence is what caused this to keep occurring. It’s just that simple.

As a victim of incestuous sexual assault, I can assure you that often victims are made to feel like they are alone in their defiance of their rapists. Division and confusion is part of the attack.

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I naively thought reading the accounts of what these women suffered would be the most objectionable part of this story.
Thanks, I guess, to all the new posters and their misogynistic “hot takes” for proving me wrong :nauseated_face:

Aside from the blatant victim blaming, saying that women should just “stay out” of male-dominated industries if men there make it dangerous for them is just…:woman_shrugging:t2: No.


An off-screen candid from the set of The Ladies’ Man.
The “Not Listening Stick”. Jesus. If you are younger and needed a picture of casual 1960s sexism: it’s Lewis “playfully correcting a wayward woman by spanking her as a joke.”


I remember when BoingBoing ran the “Difficult Interview With Jerry Lewis” story a few years ago and the comments were full of people praising him for acting like such a prick. Screw that. I read Paul Shaffer’s autobiography a while back and in it he mentioned that he and his wife adopted a toddler from China. The family got to meet Jerry Lewis one day and Jerry took a look at their Asian daughter and said to Paul “I’ll bet she’s good at doing laundry.” Unbelievably, Paul Schaffer thought it was wonderful that Jerry Lewis made a joke at his daughter’s expense.


This discussion, at this moment, is a prime example of why rape culture exists and persists. Because we have awesome mods, the victim blaming and mental health ableist shit will get cleaned up.
In the meantime, I want to vomit.

All respect to the women who courageously spoke up. The rapey creep is dead, but exposing this kind of behavior is a necessary and difficult thing


publically awful person is privately awful [head shaker]


Or one super-creep who just made a bunch of sockpuppet accounts. At least one soon-to-be-deleted user in this thread just basically admitted he (and yes, I’m convinced it’s a “he”) has posted different comments under different usernames.

Can’t imagine why those other accounts are no longer available to him…