Morgan Freeman making creepy comments to women on camera


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I have mixed feelings about some of this.

Flirty comments to a subordinate are definitely out of line, but when it’s between equals, or at a social occasion, I feel like it becomes more of a grey area, (assuming one is not married at the time of course!)


How do you know if someone will fuck you if you dont make it clear that you want to fuck them?

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Hey there, I think you dropped this:




I freakin’ hope that was sarcasm.


But this was not a social event. The two interviewers were working.

There’s also a difference between his one sided leering and actual flirting, which is reciprocal.

He was clearly making them uncomfortable. Both women shrank into their seats and adjusted their clothing after he spoke.


I have mixed feelings about some of this… Flirty comments.

I have the same mixed feelings, but he does go a bit beyond flirty in some of these interactions. At 1:29 for example he pulls on her hand. And as you say he’s obviously exploiting a power dynamic.

That said, hopefully there’s some form of outrage that falls short of demanding that his career be over, since nothing I see here seems anywhere close to deserving of that. Or, in my opinion, even the viral outrage it’s getting, but I fully realize that that’s debatable and not really my place to say.


Pro-tip for would be flirts out there:

Staring at body parts while making lechy remarks or expressing surprise that you were unable to catch a crotch shot do not fall into a grey area.

Please do not conflate this with flirting. It’s harrassing behavior, especially at work.

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Oh yah and fer sure he was carrying it too far there. Something to be said for professionalism and all that.


The guy dated his own step-granddaughter. I don’t think “meeting women on equal footing” is his thing.


I give up.



Agreed, however one has to wonder if being so grossly straightforward works for famous people? I had HS friend who said he’d bluntly ask 100 girls if they want to fuck b/c eventually 1 will say yes. I tried many times to explain the faults in this approach and why it’s crap, but I do wonder with someone famous if it works in spite of any faults?


Who cares whether it works or not? It’s fucking wrong and people shouldn’t do it, end of story.


He could, you know, wake up and join the 21st Century, and realize that his position as a star AND as a man puts women he encounters in a subordinate, vulnerable position that he shouldn’t be taking advantage of.

Jeezus, is that so hard?


Aw man - not Morgan Freeman. Is nothing pure anymore? :confused:


My sense is, it works for a lot of non-famous people, too. Now, I say this as a single guy who doesn’t date, and if I was asking out more women, it sure as hell wouldn’t be using this approach. But a lot of guys get dates, attract sexual partners, etc. by just being exceptionally brash. Because it doesn’t have to work on all women, for it to be seen as a useful technique to such assholes.



Regardless of the tactic, you shouldn’t be doing it during “work”, which in his case includes press interviews for movies.