Six women accuse director Brett Ratner of misconduct

I could compare Trump to feces but even that has a functional purpose.


How about a black hole?

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Considering he’s racist it seems more apt to compare him to the theoretical White Hole.

a white hole is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from it. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole

That definitely explains why i find him repulsive


Women and minorities have been aware of this for a long time, due to the ways that we have always been represented or erased in narratives and the subsequent cultural identity.

The idols that are finally falling were never made for or corncerned with a lot of us.


But Ratner still hasn’t gone all the way with Stacy Hamilton.

Oops, wrong Ratner!

I just am trying to understand how someone gets to the point where they are comfortable doing that. Then brag about it. I just trying to imagine what sort of group interaction and behaviors embolden such behavior. Do assholes like this just rise to the top? or are these people who otherwise employed in different contexts would have behaved closer to a decent human being?

Possibly, to be successful in very competitive fields various individuals’ quirks might give them an advantage. Including being a sociopath or a raging asshole.

No. No, it doesn’t. He is the number one biggest problem the world, not western, has at the moment.

It is truly great that people are now, finally, being held accountable for their past. I can only imagine this is made more difficult by having a president condoning, encouraging even, this sort of behaviour.

To suggest that these problems did not relate to Trump would only work under, at least, two cases a: he wasn’t himself a sexual predator,and we know he is by his own words, b: he wasn’t around, and mixing, with the same people, which we know he was.

The biggest threat to the world, and I include everyone reading, including the trolls and bots, is Trump.
Hollywood might have some power to entertain you, or not, but they don’t have the ability to nuke you into the ground.


I’m heartened to see that those who were assaulted aren’t backing down. This continues to be a necessary part of a long overdue industry-wide wake-up call.

Thankfully, the politicians seem to have backed off their predatory political use of the circumstances. (I guess they’re just happy for the distraction, but they shouldn’t get too comfortable …)


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This is all simple, and so not simple.

Masturbating in front of someone without their consent is a sexual assault.

Fucking pig.

Unrelated but on topic: Grabbing someone over the age of consent’s (clothed) junk who seems receptive, at a bar, and then taking no for an answer, and letting them walk away, and awkwardly never talk to you again… well, that’s not quite the same ballpark. Same game, different league. Who did the latter? Keep reading the news, you will see who. A creep did.

We gotta learn to distinguish between creeps and FUCKING PIGS.

Between poor boundaries, and NO BOUNDARIES.

Often one is a confused victim trying to find their way, they can be pretty inappropriate, but only to a point. The other is a sociapathic predator. Both need our attention, one deserves our compassion. Both need justice.

Bad behavior is bad behavior, but lets keep an eye on the patterns and seek justice.

This guy in this story - sociopath. Masturbating in front of her? is he a Bonobo??

FTFY. In fun, but also in some truth.

Well said IEK!

One thing that can break a glass ceiling, is a pig, free-falling from altitude.

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Probably a bit of both.

Anywhere that you find unequal power, you will find abuse. The greater the inequality, the greater the potential for abuse.

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