Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and others are trying to censor a Netflix film they haven't seen

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Conservative projection



There’s also a QAnon aspect this matter, what with the false claim that the film sexualises little girls. No-one should be surprised to see GOP politicians like Cruz, Cotton and Hawley doing this oblique outreach to these deranged conspiracy theorists.


Ted and others were notably silent when American television series featuring girls in similar dance competitions were being aired. Now that a movie seeks to critique such competitions, THAT’S when they need to step in. “Don’t you be telling the proud American parents that they can’t dress their little girls like thirty year old ex-beauty queens and have them gyrate for money on stage!”

Just another election year ploy to make them seem “concerned” about things that don’t matter to them at any other time. Ted, stick to your porn viewing habits, leave social critiques to those better qualified.


Don’t forget about the shows about child pagents too.

That feels a bit like the criticism about TikTok lately. Many accusations flew around about Beijing editorializing content and shadow blocking trends on the international version about what’s going on with the uighurs and Hong Kong protests, but conservatives didn’t really act until a bunch of kpop fans on there pantsed Trump in Tulsa.


Dude, Thom.

I was with you til that last paragraph.

This problem (blowing things out of proportion, making judgments without context, Orwellian tactics, Cancel culture) is on both sides of the aisle. Acting like anyone has the high ground in this behavior is unbecoming.

We have collectively gone out of our minds about victimhood culture, identity politics, it’s getting worse thanks to social media’s outrage clickbait, extreme velocity and filter bubbles, and the power tripping, abuse, and polarization that has occurred is deeply upsetting.

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Sounds like the Republicans really want to preserve the current state of sexual hypocrisy vis-a-vis very young kids (see those kid beauty competitions, TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and the lot.)


The Republicans have always been about Cancel Culture and being the arbiters of restriction. They object to social media enabling fast moving emergent movements that they don’t control.

It should be done according to tradition, with mass-mailings from right wing church groups! /s


Sometimes I doubt Ted Cruz’s commit to sparkle motion.




Where were they when Honey Boo-boo was considered a celebrity? What about when Duck Dynasty members talked about how girls should be married off at 15?


I’m kind of glad that this film had so much controversy because it caused me to watch it. In short, I really liked it a lot. Even though I grew up without the Internet, it really resonated with me and how the transition between childhood and teen years can be extremely confusing. Great work by the director!


Genuine grievances voiced by victims of oppression and abuse, leading to calls for accountability in a world where traditional justice systems rarely hold the powerful accountable are not equivalent to hypocritical conservative hand-wringing about fictional dangers they sensationalize, typically to silence already marginalized voices.

With your both-sides-ism, and alarmist cancel culture winging, you’re in the company of our President, and of TERF queen J.K. Rowling. Nice ideological bedfellows you have there.


Yeah, Honey Boo-boo was exactly who I was thinking of, and I think she came out of one of those childrens’ beauty pageant shows. Toddlers and Tiaras?


Great counterargument?

Again, not a partisan issue; outrage, overreaction, and demands for institutional censorship happen from the left and the right.

Keep telling yourself it’s both sides, and that people demanding justice and equity and unreasonable things like not being shot for no reason or full rights to control our bodies are just as bad as those wishing to retain the right to oppress others. Sure. Precisely the same.


That’s a non sequitur, those policies are not what the Boing Boing article is talking about, not what I was rssponding to.

The movie and the article are about the double standards and sexual victimization of women, particularly of black women.


Okay. Calling for a banning of a film that one has never seen nor has any clue about is exactly the same thing as calling for greater diversity in film production or for an end to sexual harassment. Sure. Whatever you say.


No, the article is about making judgments and censoring things you haven’t seen.

Which I completely agree is ridiculous.

But then Thomas made it partisan, when in fact everyone of all persuasions love to jump in with judgments without context or basic facts.

This is of course deeply ironic that people would ignore my post to argue something completely different.

Again, universal.

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