Ted Cruz, the Salacious B. Crumb of Congress, defends Gina Carano

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He’s cranky. Poor little guy is probably just missing the cold, smelly, flabby cuddles. Who’s down there nestled in Florida now, nibbling lost french fries and cackling at the servants? Not you Ted, not you.


Really, WTF is Ted doing with his hair? He’s a grown man, a senator no less, and he looks like some kind of nazi white supremacist. Oh…wait…never mind.


Maybe if he slapped a Danish on each ear to hide it?


Cancel culture is just the market in action. Lucasfilm firing the Carano is 100% driven by thoughts of their bottom line, and they know that people vote with their dollars now more than ever. And Disney+ wasn’t going to want their flagship series tarnished. Ironically it was the right that created this situation, first through relentless pursuit of capitalist principals, but more importantly being the first to explicitly tie politics to pop culture and media consumption - they invented the culture wars!

Given that the Mandalorian’s fan-base is primarily young and urban it’s no surprise that its fans were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Carano’s involvement.


Can a Texan here explain how this repulsive blobfish (now with a half-Hitlerjugend mullet) is a Senator? I get that stupid and easily de-bunked rhetoric like this has an appeal to the mouth-breathing Know-Nothing 27%, but the guy would have a negative D&D Charisma score going into double digits.

[Kapo Ben rolling out the old “Hollywood” shorthand for the canard about “disloyal liberal Jews in the entertainment industry” is something to see here, too.]


Ben Shapiro strikes me as someone grifting on the sidelines of this 21st century fascism.

He thinks he’s a logician and a realist, when he’s really a snivelling tool of oppression.

He’d better be careful what he wishes for, that same mob he’s grifting will tear him to shreds all the same.


This was what I was thinking as well.

Well, you gotta give him one thing — he knows how to even use his hair as a symbol to attract donations from neo-Nazis. It’s a bad thing of course, but you gotta give it to him…


It all was born in the 50s with alleged politcal communist orientation.
The only problem I see is that for the same reason you cite cancel request could get from alt-right people. If it’s all on the bottom line the party with more cash will win.


(hope isn’t geoblocked) In fact if a Mussolini makes audience, shows will cast a Mussolini.

Sins of the father shal not be visited upon his children, in this cases and she said really questionable things, but people seems to like to see her in cringey shows.

Ben Shapiro: “conservative…cultural resistance”.



With Trump gone who will be Cruz/SBC’s Jabba?


Jesus Christ, Ben. She wasn’t fired for being “conservative”. She was fired for comparing modern day fascists (or if you want to be generous, “conservatives”) to German Jews in the 20s and 30s. Something that you of all people should know is false equivocacy of epic proportions and one that many Jewish people took offense to.


his main primary opponent back in 2012 was david dewhurst. the cruz campaign made him seem too “effete” to be a texas senator. the cruz campaign managed to spread the word that dewhurst “changed shirts three or four times a day” when he was out campaigning and that was enough to sink him. once cruz had the nomination her had the thing in the bag. even though demographics are changing, any race is the republicans to lose. in 2012 it was even more so.


Oof. Kaepernick is the perfect comeback for anyone who complains about “cancel culture.”

There’s a difference between standing up for people persecuted because of the skin they were born in, and standing up for someone who supports that persecution.




I guess it comes down to a self-limiting lack of options in a Republican majority state. It really says something about those GOP voters that they’ll take a sweaty, greasy, booger-eating, soup-swilling coward who can’t even defend his own wife over a Democrat or a Republican who dares to change his shirt.

I know that there are hopes that the state will go blue in the future as the older Know-Nothings die out, and I hope that comes to pass well before Cruz gets to be one of those Senators who hang onto their seats into their 80s.


Cancel Culture, like Political Correctness and Woke are just euphemisms for “Not acting like a bigoted asshole”. Its really just that simple.

People who oppose such things more plainly want to act like bigoted assholes with impunity, without consequences or taking responsibility for one’s actions. Life doesn’t allow that where you have free speech and free markets.


and i very much hope to live to see it happen. few things would cheer me more than to see cruz and cornyn turned out of the senate.


As I am in Kentucky, another state with a huge, gaping Republican asshole, of late I think they love the ones that piss Democrats off the most. The moment that they start building bridges they fall out of favor. I really believe that American politics has devolved into nothing more than professional wrestling now.