How Joe Strummer got through this interview is anyone's guess

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I still miss Joe. Luckily, I saw him perform with The Mescaleros in 2000 before he passed away.


What is he talking about “racist slander” by Public Enemy ~ 6:15??

This seems like a pretty typical music biz interview, host is certainly not the worst I’ve ever seen, and Joe doesn’t seem super annoyed (or maybe I missed something, only skipped through about half of it.)

Professor Griff?


A friend ran out of his burning apartment building, making sure he took all his Clash tape cassettes, everthing else can be replaced.

Was at a 1984 Clash ,Maple Leaf Gardens show, after the concert, being in Blue section balcony, we walked down to the floor and walked around the debris of plastic folding chairs set up for the concert. A friend noticed a record album under a pile and pulled it out. Was limited edition Simple Minds vinyl lp on clear vinyl with certificate stating this is 1 of 1000 drops of rain.


Saw the same tour, Mohawk tour but saw them in Windsor, I think?

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In 1983, when i was 15, i saw graffitti in a bathroom in Spain: “Joe Strummer is God.”
I still remember wondering who the hecks Joe Strummer? (I was a nerd.) Then on a school field trip to Barcelona (my dad was stationed in Spain) on the bus THE coolest kids in school played Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now, over n over.
It was still almost a year before i belatedly bought Combat Rock on cassette and figured out who Joe Strummer was.
Joe Strummer is still God.


What a horrific interviewer.

Got to see The Clash at Austin’s Cow Palace (I forget the actual name of the venue) before, or more likely when they made the video of Rock the Casbah. Lots of shots of Austin in it. Stevie Ray opened. It was before he got clean. I watched him and went dear God Jimi’s back and he’s a white boy now.

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My old neighbors promoted arts and music events based around their house that proved to be quite popular locally, and someone I knew said “they are creating this ‘scene’ through sheer force of will”-- that’s what I think of when I think of Joe Strummer: by his own admission he could barely play guitar and his singing was not melodious in any traditional sense, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was making it happen.


Assuming you mean the San Francisco Cow Palace as a scale for reference, you might be thinking of Armadillo World Headquarters (owned by the same guy as Threadgill’s). But I think that closed a few years before you’re thinking.

Yeah, most likely:

I suspect that interviewer has a serious case of athlete’s foot. So much scratching…

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