How killing Net Neutrality irreparably harms public libraries and the communities they serve


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This is the end result of propertarianism. It’s time to push for the abolition of property.


But but but what if someone steals my toothbrush?!?


How killing Net Neutrality irreparably harms public libraries and the communities they serve

Yet another chapter in “You See a Bug, Republicans See a Feature.” Any educational institution not funded by Libertarian billionaires or televangelists is the enemy of the GOP.


Your headline is a little over the top. Libraries haven’t been irreparably harmed. It is definitely a threat (as you say in the body of your article), but nothing has happened yet.

Even if tomorrow all the ISPs go into evil mode and actual harm happens, I believe it’s reparable. If it isn’t, then we should give up hope that a future administration will fix the situation.


So what you’re saying is;

  1. wait till there’s evidence
  2. you’ll study said evidence to ascertain that it passes your threshold
  3. you threshold ensures damage is irreversible
  4. profit?

Yeah, I’m not sure you’re actually helping here?


Considering that libraries already frequently get ‘what the littlest pig got’ as far as public funding goes, it takes little imagination to believe that so will their internet access go.


This GIF is to killing Net Neutrality as The Producers is to Nazis.


Nothing has changed yet. The telecom companies can’t say “see how much better things are now” just like Cory can’t say “the harm has been done and cannot be undone”.

To claim either of these is a version of fake news. Lets continue working for sensible regulation of ISPs. Nothing yet has happened that is irreparable and that means there’s good reasons to keep working for net neutrality legislation.

So I guess I agree with your first point. There should be evidence of harm before we start claiming that public libraries have been irreparably harmed. Otherwise we’re no different than people that say immigration is bad for America without any regard for facts.



OK. Please post a list of your stuff here.



MFW I’m dealing with someone who thinks personal possessions are property.


Ah! So when you talk about getting rid of property, you are talking about getting rid of other people’s property. Thanks for clearing that up.


Your man is full of straw, friend. I suggest you define property properly. Your car isn’t property. Nor is your sandwich or your toothbrush or even your house. Property historically is very narrowly defined.


I pay a good chunk of “property tax” on my house. Can you give me the correct definition so’s I can file an appeal?


You’re already slipping again and again on that banana peel. Are you sure you want another one?



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