How long would it take for a human brain to form in a void, complete with a memory of having existed?

The correct answer is “seven.”

Yep. Human brains require a support system. A disembodied space brain would just be an inert biomass unable to function. Or even retain physical cohesiveness.



I think the idea is your active experience is only for a moment. The past was made up and you’re not going to have a future. There’s just the single instant of feeling like you are part of a continuous experience before returning to the cosmos.

And of course it’s just exploring what is statistically possible given infinite space and time, rather than meant to be a serious explanation for something that’s happened. Note that the article mentions the possibility of a Boltzmann brain somewhere around 1050 years from now, so about ten duodecillion times longer than the whole universe has been around so far.

The average number of letters that needs to be typed until the text appears is also 3.4 × 10183,946,[e] or including punctuation, 4.4 × 10360,783.[f]


It actually says 10^10^50, which is much later

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Oh, just a bit, yeah. In fact, I think that might be the largest mistake I have ever made. :flushed:


That’s a long time after this video finishes (well into the time is meaningless era)

(I think they talk about Boltzmann Brains in it though)

Forget about physical brains. In fact, this is expected to happen so far in the future that you can forget about matter as we know it.

Instead, imagine a random fluctuation of energy briefly creating a conciousness with a false memory of a life before it disappears forever. If it is you, then you can’t just think that you will check if you still exist in five minutes because when you check that could just be a false memory of five minutes ago.

Better yet, forget about Boltzmann brains.


Lots of Boltzmann Brains in the Super Fun Pak comix!


Viz: the monkey thing, if you consider that humans are part of an ongoing, wildly varying, more or less endless cavalcade of monkeys, one already has, in fact, written Hamlet.

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