How love and integrity made Welcome to Night Vale a massive success


I will admit to finding WTNV on Tumblr. Despite being a little out of Tumblr’s usual age demographic.

What’s really funny is that I found it through a cleaning/organizational blog called “Unfuck Your Habitat”. The 20-minute episode length is perfect for listening to during one of their 20-minute cleaning sessions.


I absolutely love Welcome to Night Vale. And this was a pleasure to read. Makes me happy.

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I listen to it while washing dishes and preparing dinner.

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Night Vale fans might like this:

And now, the weather.

Good night, Night Vale, good night.

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I heard about Night Vale a super long time ago on SomethingAwful, but didn’t listen to it at the time. A year or so later a friend of mine was like OH MY GOD NIGHTVALE and it’s now one of my favorite things.

I like to listen to WTNV while walking alone in the dark, wooded area near my home, with what I hope are owls occasionally swooping by behind my back. Laughing out loud seems to keep scary creatures at bay.


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