Welcome to Night Vale: scripts and notes from podcasting's eeriest drama

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First, the amazing, creepy, weird and lovable podcast Welcome to Night Vale spawned a wonderful, improbable novel, and now, for book lovers who love Night Vale, there’s two books of scripts and notes from the production team: Mostly Void, Partially Stars: Welcome to Night Vale Episodes, Volume 1 and The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe: Welcome to Night Vale Episodes, Volume 2 (I wrote the introduction to volume 1!).


Welcome to Nightvale is wonderful but for truly creepy… Alice Isn’t Dead (http://www.nightvalepresents.com/aliceisntdead/) from the same folks. All of the wonderfulness of Nightvale but with slightly more focus and much more creepiness :slight_smile:


Why don’t like this? I have tried twice and got as far as episode 60 or where ever that Smiling God stuff ends. And I usually love stuff like this and I am BBC 4 Extra addict.

I think the real world is just much more weirder and creepier then anything in fiction. If I want something creepy and fictional I can listen to Blue Jam.

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I would agree the series has gotten a bit stagnant. I find the strange drama and dark comedy the much better parts of the show, but they seem to focus on “random strange horribleness of the week” compared to making jokes about the tribalism of small towns and the like.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about it not being your cup of tea, plenty of other fish in the podcast sea.

I still listen to it out of inertia or a sense of misplaced duty, but it’s really not anywhere as good as it used to be. I listened to the most recent episode just today and I can hardly even remember anything about it. I can’t pinpoint when the show stopped being all that great: it just kind of slowly drifted into mediocrity.

But at least we got the indelible love story of Cecil and Carlos and also the fantastic song “Evelyn” by Kim Tillman from episode 69, absolutely the best Weather there ever was.

Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of felt like things went downhill as they started adding more voices to the show.
I’m not too fond of the non-Cecil voice actors, who don’t hold a candle to him in terms of expressiveness and often feel wrong for the characters (e.g. the “faceless old woman” who sounds about 25).

Not even the annoying use of only one speaker?

I got into WtNV late, and I do enjoy it, but I suspect I missed out on what everyone loved. Alice isn’t Dead I tried to listen to but I kept losing concentration on. The relaxation tape thing (Within the Wires?) they’re doing now I just didn’t like at all.

I’m not sure I even finished the first episode of Alice Isn’t Dead. It didn’t take long to realize it was not my thing. I think I listened to two episodes of Within the Wires before I bailed.

I wish the creators success and I’m glad they’re experimenting with the form (who knew the radio play would make a comeback?) but life is too short and there are too many podcasts out there. I’d rather be listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno and You Must Remember This.

I just started reading Night Vale and I love it! It reminds me of Prairie Home Companion meets Scarfolk, though it well stands on its own. Thanks, Cory!

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