How many towns in the world have the same name as yours?


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According to this site, my home town doesn’t exist.


27 - One even in Mexico!


For the UK it doesn’t distinguish between villages, towns and cities. For Somerset it claims 349 cities (there are 2 since Bath was moved to BANES) and it lists the ten largest cities, most of which are small towns. I live on the edge of a village which, curiously, it counts twice.


Using the English name for my city, 20, 18 of wich are in the U.S., using its real name, 2, both of which are in the U.S.


I entered names of uninhabited places, former towns, and former town names into this thing, and it found all of them.


There is a town in Mexico called Poop.


Eight Torontos in the US, only one in Canada.

FAIL: The site claims there is no Punkeydoodles Corners. :astonished:


It claims there are 383 cities in Cumbria :laughing: There are only 498,000 people living there


Well, I’m glad that this site confirms the rather lackluster motto of Waunakee, WI (near Madison), which is “The only Waunakee in the world”.


Nineteen if you’re not picky about the H.


Only two Wichitas and two Tijuanas. Hmm.


This website says that Kenosha WI is also known as Chicago.

That has to be a joke.


There is a Wichita Falls in Texas.


there are way more places named Reno in the US/world than i expected.


I checked the place where i grew up in Venezuela and it doesn’t find it. However it does find the next town over.

Also checked my name and there’s 3 places named after me (technically way way more if i look for places containing part of my name). Out of curiosity i checked for places named after nicknames based on internet handles i’ve used over the years and got a couple of hits. There is a Voo in Kenya and Crab in Virginia


There is also a [Pittsburgh in Texas].(,+TX+75686/@33.0007541,-95.0017385,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8635fde625762da9:0x8e3f605c4fc753b0!8m2!3d32.9954021!4d-94.9657688)


If you look for all the letters A through Z, they’re on the Eastern shore of Lake George in Canaan ME.


I live in . . . Disputed Zone.

Really, Hillsboro, since I pay my taxes to them and use their water. But the mailing address is Beaverton. Until next year, when I “move” to Hillsboro when the street names and town boundaries are adjusted.

For the record:

Beaverton: 6 hits, all in the USA.
Hillsboro: 27 hits, all in the USA, which seems unusual.