How many US wiretap requests were rejected in 2015? Not a single one

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Conclusive proof that they are only asking for them when appropriate and necessary. You’re the best big brother ever!


See the whole procedure is redundant and can safely be removed :slight_smile:


Are you people ever happy? Big Government, for once, has a perfect record!


It’s government efficiency at work.


Checks and balances, right?


So is the pie chart at the top of the article incorrect? It says 0.06% of requests were denied. I don’t understand.

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Me either. Following the link to the original source didn’t seem to help.

0.06% of 4,148 is 2.4888, or just less than 2.5 requests denied. My guess is that some particular point in several requests were denied, but no request was denied in full. I’m at a loss as to how that would work, however.

I’ll buy that. As to how it would work, my guess is, poorly.

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0.06% of the time, it works every time.

That one was because they used the wrong colour ink in their submission. It was approved when they rewrote it.

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