How Mexican labor unions tried to rescue Freud from the Nazis

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If only those Nazis had been breastfed. The world would have been a better place.


Never heard that story! Another example of ‘strangeness’ involving Mexico and Germany occurred 20 years earlier when, during WWI, the former was approached by the latter to ally with Germany and invade the US in exchange for gains in US territory along the shared border and for infusion of funds.


Thanks for posting this. I knew the story of Freud’s tortuous flight from Vienna to London (fascinating in its own right) but was not familiar with this aspect or Mexico’s support of an independent Austria.

Also the subject of a great work of history:


Thx. Another Tuchman book I’ll need to grab!


Like we needed yet another reason to associate labor unions and socialistic tendencies with human decency!

“Princess Marie Bonaparte came up with a plan to save European Jews. She wrote to Bullitt and proposed that the United States government purchase Baja California from Mexico and establish a Jewish state on that territory.”

I really want to read the alternate-history novel set in Baja Israel.


Have you read the one set in Alaska?

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Lázaro Cárdenas government also gave a ton of help to the Spanish Republic, being one of the few countries to do so, and to refugees from the war and the dictatorship.

All in all he seemed to have been a great guy.

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Yes, I know this one. I’m just fascinated by the idea of the opposite end of things, so to speak.

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