How one man ran a company according to the Golden Rule

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Unfortunately, Arthur Nash was a masochist who felt that he worked best when suspended from the ceiling by fish hooks…


I hate that part about the old guy.

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Did anyone else read the title as “How one man ran a company according to the Golden Ratio” and come here hoping for some really wack-a-doodle numerology?


Check out the recent example of the Market Basket grocery stores:

Not strictly the Golden Rule but certainly it approaches what could be called Gandhian economics where the owners of a business serve as as trustees of a community asset rather than exploiters.


I thought all companies ran off the Golden Rule…
“He with the gold, rules.”


Yup, I’ve always said the Golden Rule had a loophole for sadomasochists.

You need to add a more organic ‘treat others as you’re best able to determine they wan to be treated, and don’t just assume you’re right about that’ sort of disclaimer.


It seems he did after a fashion, at least from what I gathered from the podcast. The workers were heavily involved in decisions that affected then.

That combined with his near-obsession with not accumulating any wealth of his own struck me as being nearly anarcho-syndicalist. Except he wasn’t saying so.

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