How PDF Expert is changing the way we work with PDFs


I tried looking up the other day if there was a way to “save session” in Adobe Reader or Adobe Pro – such that if you have a whole bunch of PDFs open, and your PC crashes one way or another (or you just need to log off in a hurry), you can quickly open the same bunch of PDFs and pick up where you left off.

All I could find were large numbers of people over the years complaining that the feature was missing. (And one guy who had the nerve to charge $50 for his plugin.) :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes I miss my LetraSet days.


That’s all it was ever meant to be. PDF was supposed to be a way for people to send stuff that was meant to be printed without having to worry about fonts and whatnot. And the fact that it is hard to edit was a deliberate choice: PDF was supposed to be the format for read only, for making it impossible to edit.


ANd you were supposed to use Display Postscript for ordinary graphics tasks.

officially, PDF/A fills that role.


That’s because you’re using it for what it was actually designed for!

But I’m still never going to use an. Adobe product if I can avoid it, and luckily I usually can :slight_smile:


You can’t imagine how happy I was to discover that I could stamp my scanned signature on forms using the OSX Viewer.

The fact that they force you to use your webcam to take a picture of your signature instead of using an existing file (WTF???) only slightly reduced my happiness.


Have you tried dragging and dropping a jpeg of your signature on the pdf?


I dunno, after years of Quark mentally and physically abusing it’s customers, Adobe doesn’t seem to bad… :wink:


Wait, which Quark?


Nothing nearly so fun!




As a publisher, I’m with you. Uploading native Quark files to press, then InDesign, was/would be a freaking nightmare.


SumatraPDF has that on by default. Sometimes it surprises me because I forgot I was in the middle of something and had 12 files open. At least it’s fast. It doesn’t do editing or potentially malicious scripts though. I used to use Foxit for filling out forms and stuff, nowadays I mostly just print them out, fill them in with pen, and scan 'em back in like a dinosaur. :upside_down_face:


Wow, that second one is new to me, the downside (or maybe upside) to not having a TV at the time. I love the cast, but Buck Henry is capable of both brilliance and complete rubbish. Is it worth seeking out?


I sort of vaguely remember it being on TV, but nothing of the actual show, sorry. Very much agree about the cast!


Three quarks for Muster Mark!


Doesn’t work for me.

(Note: I said “OSX Viewer” above but I meant Preview. As far as I can tell, Preview does not accept dragging images onto PDFs.)

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