This Mac app lets you edit PDF files. Straightforward, yeah, but awesome

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If you work for PDFs professionally, PitStop Pro is a must have.


I merge multiple pdfs into single files all the time in Preview. Simple as drag and drop.


Acrobat Pro does this as well.


For iOS, I think this is the best PDF tool.
But I’m open to suggestions!

It is a good tool, I’ve always thought it was priced too high though, even at 50% off. I’d expect to see something like this around $14, not $30-$60. At the higher price point it is only justifiable if you do a LOT of PDF work, imho.

And costs only $14.99, too *

*per month, requires 12 month commitment, billed in advance.

I’ve long coveted Pitstop Pro but $800 is a heavy lift if you aren’t a print shop, especially if you’ve got Acrobat Pro for “free” because it’s part of your Creative Cloud subscription.

Relatedly, Astute Graphics just released a new Illustrator plug-in called Vector First-Aid that fixes a lot of the problems PDFs have when opened in Illustrator. I’m not as thrilled with it as I was hoping to be – it can combine a split-up text block, but only if it’s flush-left and it doesn’t form proper paragraphs – but it’s going to save me tons of time. (I’m not affiliated with them other than as a customer.)

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