How Robyn Miller became Augustus Gladstone


Nasal hair waxing? And I thought acting for Abdellatif Kechiche was a tough gig.

I can’t shake the feeling that this post was influenced by all the advertising Gladstone’s been doing on BB.

Perhaps its cause BoingBoing is distributing it… or something like that.

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I’ll be glad when it’s all over because I really hate seeing that face.

Mark, no disrespect intended, but on behalf of actors everywhere: Yeah, that’s what we do. Act and look like people different from who we really are.


Just watched the movie, and wow is it ever good. I expected a silly gimmicky film, but I ended up pleasantly surprised and touched by its depth. Highly recommend this one y’all.

I like to think that Augustus is a lost child/ancestor of Stephen Fry.

Jeremy Walter uploaded this image to

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