The Immortal Augustus Gladstone, Boing Boing's first movie, is now available for download!


This link is to an usecure page. How do we buy it?

The trailer and this promo video are pretty long-winded. In :30, why ought I watch this?

Is it just a curiosity? Will I learn something about the world or about myself?

It sounds like boing boing just got on board—what’s the story of the partnership? Is this all you Frauenfelder? Or cory?

Awww, no Paypal option? I’m a crazy person with no credit card.

I finished watching this (the movie, not the trailer) 3 minutes ago. The Cyan/Myst connection was enough to convince me; I loved those. Deeply strange. Briefly, and spoiling nothing, it’s a mock-documentary about a film crew and their eccentric subject, and the former trying to figure out their responsibility to the latter.

Worked for me. Just bought it. Maybe try a different browser? (worked in Firefox for me)

So the movie is $5.59 but if you want it with sound you have to pay another $6.99? Seems like your marketing folks are used to selling computer software.

Have not seen. The ad with the psychedelic headshot of Bill Clinton trying to figure out the difference between ‘is’ and ‘is’ just creeps me rtf out. Is it intended to be scary?

Uh, no. The movie is an extremely high-resolution mp4 with full sound. The soundtrack is a set of mp3 files of music from the movie.

I’m not sure why the orginal article didn’t mention this - will give you a sense of the character :

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