How Rupert Murdoch could compete with Amazon Video and Netflix


Can’t imagine Murdoch agreeing to anything DRM free.


The problem with a Murdoch-based streaming service would be that you would have to give your cell phone number – which they would then hack into.


Well, to be fair they only hacked into the voicemail of elitist celebrities. Oh, and murder victims.

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Pretty sure no one who knows enough about DRM to be concerned about it would be comfortable trusting Murdoch with anything. But what reasonable person wouldn’t want to see Amazon, Apple and Netflix having less influence and the Murdoch Empire having more?

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Dear Rupert Murdoch: Want to complete with Netflix? Suck a tailpipe and die you shitty cancer on the world.

We need to constantly be reminding him and all readers of his papers that his ex wfe Deng fucked Tony Blair. TONY. BLAIR.

How does that make you feel Rupey? She cheated on you with one of the most vile human beings on earth.

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