Disney buys Fox in all-stock deal, making Rupert Murdoch the largest shareholder in the company


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Am I surprised Disney didn’t take Fox News or any of the Fox stations? No. No I’m not. :smiley:


Walt would’ve wanted this way.


I for one am happy that National Geographic lands in a place outside the direct influence of a Murdoch. James has been rumored to be a “liberal” Murdoch but that really wouldn’t take much would it? The Murdoch’s have laid off hundreds at Nat Geo over the past two years decimating it’s publishing, outreach and brand. If Murdoch’s plan was to help destroy liberal, scientific, and explorer media he’s partially succeeded. Perhaps Disney will be more apt to see the value that Nat Geo brings to the world.



On the downside this raises troubling antitrust issues and threatens to drag Murdoch’s neoconservative ideology into Disney’s family-centered entertainment juggernaut.

On the plus side maybe now we can finally get the original unaltered Star Wars trilogy on Blu-Ray.


Does this mean we can finally have Marvel movies starring both the X-Men and the Avengers?


Finally the MCU is complete.


oh ffs  


Yes! and they will now fight a new set of villains: Poor people. Atheists. Libtards. Anyone in California. George Soros…


those weren’t for sale. supposedly fox/murdoch/world Corp were looking to offload the entertainment end of things (20th/21st century fox) so they could better focus on news etc.

I find it a little surprising Murdoch ended up taking Disney stock. Doesn’t fit with the get out of entertainment justification for the sale.


I’m going to wager this (and the X-Men, and maybe earlier marvel titles distributed by Fox?) are probably a big part of why these discussions happened in the first place…



Not true at all.
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It looks like Bob Iger is willing to leave Deadpool as an R-rated character which I think is best for Marvel Film since they’re not Disney proper and it’s not out of character for Disney considering Touchstone Pictures when Eisner was CEO.


It’s not like Murdoch kept 21st Century Fox from making/airing Archer or Atlanta or any number of progressive shows that get stuck in conservatives’ craw.


Perhaps it should read “largest single shareholder” as Vangaurd is a mutual fund.


Do I understand this correctly that Disney bought Fox, and Murdoch ends up in control of Disney?


reads that way but as @nungesser pointed out not quite sure how much control he has with under 5% of the stock.


According to nungesser’s thing, he is largest? (individual?) shareholder at 4.37%. So, if Disney has votes based on shares, he’d have more individual vote relative to any other individual, but he is a long ways away from 50%+1.

What you’re thinking was my first thought/fear as well, but the percentages nungesser provided make me slightly less concerned.


Just because you are the largest single shareholder it does not mean you are in control. There can be various legal clauses that Disney put into the purchase agreement that remove his rights to have a say at the table and only reap the rewards of profits.

Additionally, there is also most likely a buy back clause that the board can initiate at a given time and force the family to sell back the shares at a set amount (most likely a percentage variance from stock values at the time of buyback).