See 130 years of National Geographic covers in two minutes


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When I was young my great aunt had a big book shelf with rows and rows of yellow spines. I too always wanted a big shelf with every NG I could get. I have a near complete set from the mi 70s to probably the mid 2000s. But I don’t really have the space for it now - and not sure what to do with them…


I assume it ends with “Aliens in The Bible” and “Top Ten Jesuses in The Bible”, which is basically all I see at checkout counters post-Foxing.


Got my father a DVD-ROM a while back with about a century of issues on it.


Post Foxing and now pre Mousing NG is not what it once was for sure.

Keep the faith David, the Mouse should be a better home for the Yellow Border. Fingers crossed. We all want to believe.


I’ll see your faith and raise you one complete despair:

Murdoch family becomes second largest Disney shareholder with Fox deal

Avengers Infinity War II: The Battle Against Global Warming Hoaxer Feminist Immigrants, coming soon.


BigFoot and GF


I snagged my grandpa’s that spanned from the early 50’s to the mid 80’s. I have about 30% of the 20’s through 40’s, and most of the ones from 80’s to about 2000. I can’t remember, but I think I even have one from the 1890’s. I know I’ve got one from like 1912. Reading about the soon to be finished Panama Canal, or the Chrysler building (tallest building in the world) is kind of fun.

But where the heck to store them?!?!


Ummm…wait a minute. Isn’t this what led to the Playboy lawsuit? Oh, I get it.


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