How The Cleveland Press broke the story of Los Alamos a year-and-a-half before Hiroshima


Typo: s/was/wasn’t/

Fixed. Thanks.

Klaus Fuchs wasn’t too good at keeping it secret either.

Yep. And Fuchs wasn’t the only one. The premise of the original blog entry is hyperbolical. Sure Nazis and Soviets might know the location and even the general contours of the research. But you needed more info than that to actually have anything useful. Hanford and Oak Ridge were far more obvious, but again, you needed to know what was going on inside the plant. And as far as Hanford and Oak Ridge were concerned, even knowing that might do you little good, as so much was needed in the way of resources to drive those facilities.

I mean, it’s a cool story, bro. But even the part about what this reveals about the state of journalism today isn’t so remarkable. But it is a cool story.

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