How the TPP will gut environmental protection

Actually, here we’re getting to the crux of the matter… anyone care to join me in discussing the single most important issue facing us all?

For a long time it was possible to convince yourself that the poor were merely collateral damage on the sidelines while the fat cats duked it out for the biggest slice of the pie, but I posit that interpretation is getting a bit implausible these days.

We should take it more personally than that. This class of filthy scumbags who’ve inherited and usurped our right to self-determination over the decades and centuries has almost always demonstrated that conferring extreme power and privilege on someone is a recipe for an absolute arsehole who commits heinously venal atrocities easy as breathing, and have generally regarded the man in the street as somewhere between cattle and vermin. Not that this wasn’t a necessary stage in evolution or anything, but these days it’s getting beyond a joke…

Machiavelli et al beat the path way back, and in the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries we saw some vast progress in the field of epic cunthood, but that was just uncoordinated thrashing next to the symphony of evil that was to evolve out of it… the handful of policy institutes existing at that time were joined by numerous others in a think tank boom post WWII. Sinister concoctions such as the RAND Corporation got into full swing applying the scientific method to the business of dominion, spreading their taint through the body politic with hitherto unknown efficacy.

As the scum became more and more empowered, their sense of entitlement to our birthrights grew exponentially along with the technology that enabled them to continue disenfranchising us, leading to the astonishing, staggering, gobsmacking bulding trickle of new definitions of the zenith of hide and gall we have today. The policy institutes have networked and coordinated and conglomerated, these front organisations for the world’s worst scum, and now here we are, where they’re virtually dictating policy to governments, who ever more euphemistically ‘represent’ us.

They want it all, and naturally they want you to have nothing - in fact less than nothing. They want everything to be a zero-sum game in which the other party has a negative amount, just so they can have complete assurance that nobody ever has more than them, these tiny-minded blind fucks. They don’t mind crippling the very definition of Humanity, poisoning the entire biosphere, or even threatening our very fucking survival, as long as they can add another feather to their 39 fucking petafeather nests, the utter, utter cunts.

So, hey, if someone can indeed devise an actually effective means of bringing brutal, shredding, gleeful violence upon some of these scum, I’m all for it. Reckon you’ll need more than a bit of luck to crack that one, though.

Once again, @william_holz’s Co-operNation is the only hope I’ve seen.