How the UK's biggest pharmacy chain went from family-run public service to debt-laden hedge-fund disaster

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I worked for a company whose controlling interest was purchased by KKR. Those were dark days. They changed a well-run, thriving company with a friendly atmosphere into a bogged-down, bloated, bureaucratic mess.


“If you want a vision of the future, imagine Boots stamping on a human face - forever.”


So, did they start selling homeopathic remedies before the acquisition, or afterwards?

Because if it was before, they probably got what they deserved.

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Yes, but think of all the value the shortcuts, misery and profiteering provided to shareholders!


But how many pieces of flair are they required to wear?


How is it legal to borrow money to buy a company, then put that debt on the company you just bought? Every time I see that it ends up like this


Isn’t that amazing? This One Weird Trick has been busting up small to mid-size companies for decades! And just wait til you see what they do to the pension fund!


I’m just reacting with the thought of “what’s the end game here? exaggerating only slightly here, when they’ve looted every company and every single bit of currency has been taken out of circulation and hidden away, what are they expecting to happen?”


Probably not the nice parade in a chauffeured tumbril that they’ll get - I don’t think they’re looking that far ahead.

@doctorow KKR isn’t a hedge fund at all not by a country mile. At least get basic facts right

Qv Cadbury’s - Mondelez have little by little stripped this socially conscious family business of it’s soul.

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Before, I’m almost certain. I don’t think that’s fair though, at least not to the staff and customers.

A company can have a “soul”? I guess corporate personhood is real after all!

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