Pharma-hedge-douche: I should've charged more for AIDS/cancer drug

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So when does Shkreli reveal that he’s with the Yes Men and it’s all been an act? Pretty unlikely at this point? Oh well, I suppose the effect is the same either way.


It’s a shame that I don’t have less conscience and more assassin in me. Too bad I can’t push the conscience down and the assassin skills pop up but apparently it doesn’t work that way.


“Pharma-Douche” That fits him very well, very well indeed.


Nah, just douche. I suspect it’s unimportant to him which industry he uses to rip people off.


Give the man his due. It’s no small thing to win the worlds most punchable face contest.


Are we looking at a Trumps potential vice president running mate or is pharma-douche simply in the larval stage on his way to becoming another giant festering open sore on the soul of human decency?


Dbags like this give good managers a really bad name (yes, they exist :D).

Your primary motivation isn’t shareholder value. That is at best 33%, and usually smaller. In the simplest world it is equally split between customers, employees, and investors (in this case shareholders). Which means if you target soley investors, you are doing a fiduciary disservice to most of your stakeholders.

If you don’t want anyone to make your shit or buy your shit, by all means ignore two thirds of this biz equation. Which is why this Nozzle is having his fucking two cent MBA ass kicked.


“That’s what people [in healthcare] are afraid to say.”

Good, now that he’s finally saying it lets hurry up and create national healthcare and remove all profit motive from making people better.


Good point, happy Sunday to you.


You’re on to something here…who wouldn’t buy a roll of toilet paper with his likeness on every sheet?


Unfortunately primary motivation depends on your time horizon. It takes more than a quarter or a year to totally destroy customer and employee value, and in practice he is getting evaluated each year on shareholder value only, because those of the people who can fire him. and within a few years he can be gone, at another company, and leave the next manager with the mess. Repeat ad nauseam, everywhere. Individuals following their incentives to build insane systems -


I only buy TP with pictures of ducks, or bunnies, or puppies on it. Not pictures of pieces of shit :smile:

(You can ask my wife, its true about the puppies and ducks)


Does he understand that a) anybody he could possibly win over with his excuses will only hate him more the longer he talks and b) making a drug so expensive that a competing business pops up and undercuts what was a monopoly for you isn’t actually a good way to bring returns to shareholders?

Unfortunately, it really is just the shareholders. The CEO is employed by the shareholders to earn them money. Most businesses pay lip service to customers and treat their employees reasonably well because businesses with happy employees require fewer replacement employees to be trained and are more productive, while businesses with happy customers get repeat business. That’s why monopolies are such a bad thing; once consumers have no other options to buy, you no longer have to please them to get them to buy your stuff as long as it’s something they need and you’re the only producer (or as long as you make it just barely worth their while).


And that is what makes him and his managers bad managers. If you are chasing short term Madoff like returns, you are ‘killing the patient’ so to speak.

And to be clear I agreeing with you, not arguing. But modern economic theory needs to get off its ass with how it defines ‘value’.


It really, really isn’t. Big powerful institutional funds talk a big game and some times get their way, but time and again real businesses show us you must care for more than returns to be successful.

Or you can just go AOL yourself :smiley: (don’t actually do that, I hear it hurts)


“I’m going to maximize profits,” Shkreli added later. “That’s what people [in healthcare] are afraid to say.”

To his credit, he’s being honest… Although, that’s the same argument used for Donald Trump: at least he’s saying what he really feels. Unfortunately, there’s too many others who are ALSO douchebags who support these people… I’m not sure what is worse: a douchebag who isn’t afraid of being one or a douchebag who hides behind layers of double speak…


“Pharma-Douche” actually sounds like something potentially beneficial, or at least something that would be sold as beneficial.

“Tired of embarrassing odor and unable to get that infection to go away? Try new Pharma-Douche for a cleaner than clean feeling.”


“My shareholders expect me to make the most profit,” Shkreli said, a
theme that he returned to again and again. “That’s the ugly, dirty

I’m about ready to see someone destroy the “shareholders’ profit” line.

Corporate charters are not written in stone.


It’s not an aids/cancer drug. It treats toxoplasmosis, a zoonotic disease that immune compromised people are suceptible to.