How they used to fake horseback riding scenes in the movies


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I’ll never trust Hollywood ever again.


Thankfully the technology improved by the 1970’s.



there goes that running tree again with someone holding on


To be honest though, I was hoping for Ozzy on horseback…


Ah, the music, the laugh, the whimsy! I am thus restored.



They still use the old mechanical horses for some movies; they’re just kept out of frame.

The most notable instance that I can recall is Christopher Walken in Sleepy Hollow. Despite playing the Headless Horseman he apparently does not get on well with horses, so for close-ups on horseback he’s on the mechanical beast. Any time an actual horse is there the Horseman is the stunt rider.


Or digitally replaced depending on the nature of the mount.



It gets weird when they digitally replace the real horses though.


Click through for the gif.


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