How to animate a wolf in Blender


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You Monster

I made a 2D animation of my wife’s family dog trotting across the screen once for a web project. I studied video of her until I got her gait and tail-wag just right. After she died, I’d tear up a bit if I re-watched it.


This is the BEST.


Of course, without the capitalisation this could be a very different video…


Not sure about a wolf, but I know how to animate a hamster in a blender…


I sort of was expecting some lulz video. Glad i was not disappointed :slight_smile:


Yeah, I read the headline wrong on first glance and thought “ewww… why would you want to?”


@beschizza …animated wolves, elf ear headphones…you know we are all just waiting with baited breath for the release of your homemade elfquest fanfic.



I feel like this might have been a more appropriate soundtrack.


@redesigned, how could you have missed this!?


I have no idea, but my life is now complete! thank you!


Said fanfic had been languishing hidden in Rob’s safe.


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