One is a crowd when animating in Blender

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No kidding! IanHubert is great, and CGmatter is another guy on Youtube I like for this kind of Blender tutorial. Hilarious, to boot!


Hi Guys, welcome to my channel

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So, welcome to my channel, today I’m going make a comment. A comment about something very important to me.

To see my thoughts on other important things I’ll have a playlist link in the description below.

So, yeah, guys, I’ve really got a strong opinion about this thing I’m itching to talk about

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Hey, we’re back, so this super important thing, it’s been on my mind for a while, and…

I made a video about it a few weeks ago, check that out if you haven’t.

Alright, this might offend some people, but I’m going to be real with you guys. I really hate sitting through all this garbage before actually getting to the damn point. So, yeah, I also like these short, to-the-point no-nonsense videos.

Thanks for watching.

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Alright, yeah.

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…auto play next video…

Hi Guys, welcome to my channel

Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on teh social mediaz…

Damn, I need a drink just typing that out.


I only recently discovered his videos, and I find them hugely amusing. They’re also amazingly useful, especially given how short they are. (I’ve seen other similar-duration blender tutorials that weren’t nearly as instructive.)

Everything old is new again. Accept no substitutes!

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I see you too are not a fan of:

Hi Guys… Ok… so today… I am going to be talking about how to do the thing… and I know that [something utterly irrelevant to literally everyone watching the video and the dude recording it]… so let’s get started… Oh! And please don’t forget to subscribe in the link below… anyway… uh… Ok… here we go…

spread out over a minute or three.

Pretty much screw every MoFo using that script.

instantly furious at hi guys


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