Blender Foundation needs more help to crowdfund the world's first fully open source animated feature




I’ll donate, but it better not be as depressing as Sintel was…


Jeepers, I didn’t realize they’d finished another film since Sintel.

I agree Sintel was quite depressing and didn’t do all that much for me, but I quite liked Elephant Dream and Big Buck Bunny.

How is Yo Frankie, by the way? I don’t think I can recall reading about anyone ever actually playing it.


Hi. I’m an entertainment lawyer for Sony Entertainment, and we’d like to premiere your production on our 4k showcase. Please get in touch.


Hi , I want so much to be a part of this , I am an artist and can paint draw and design loads of characters , I even have a few ready for a reveal , The problem is I am hands on , I only stomp ,thump and bash around my computer. ah but give me a paint brush ,a pen , pastels etc and i can create wondrous creatures . So my question is are you interested in a Neanderthal like me ?


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