Spectacular Blade Runner fanfilm, made for less than $1,500


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I am definitely going to check this out later tonight!

Big props for using the proper “less” instead of “lower”.


OK this I must see. I am going to share with friends.


Just finished first pass. Curious. I want to speak but I do not wish to spoil. I have a theory though.


Yes, I don’t want to spoil it either, but I would hint that this scene is based on one particular quote from Rachel in the original film. A good Blade Runner fan will know which quote by the end of the short.


This is my conclusion as well.


I guess I’m a bad Blade Runner fan.

Also, why does an 11-minute film need five executive producers? I do not understand the movie business at all.


The original script adapted from “Do Androids Dream…” was mostly just people in rooms talking, which seems to be another area this short is exploring (or taking advantage of for budgetary reasons.)

Another hint: Voight-Kampf test doesn’t exist yet.


“Have you ever retired a human by mistake?” --Rachel


$1,500 budget.

I’m fucking damn impressed.


This was really good (as in, it held my attention all the way through unlike most fan films!)

I could be wrong though, but I didn’t think replicants were implanted with artificial memories until the ones we see in Blade Runner (Rachel and possibly Decker.)


The visuals are extremely impressive, especially the introduction.

The dialogue and story leaves much to be desired but again visually it was a great job.


(Yes, this was a curious point for me too.)


Hey there, Chris Harvey here. Yup we wanted a talking heads film to explore the limitation of just storytelling and character building. I did not want a huge chase scene, I wanted to tackle the fundamentals with this, what is it to be human - that was the goal. :slight_smile: Thanks for watching.


Hi there, Chris Harvey here, I made Tears. Those are the people I begged and pleaded for some money to make this. :slight_smile:


Awesome! :slight_smile:


I liked the lights stitched through the upholstery.

I don’t remember that from the first film, but it fit with the alternate future look.

But … you need a license to own a mechanical bird? Is that from the book?


Beautiful but annoying to watch on a 21:9 monitor since they have hard coded black bars on the top and bottom, The picture is zoomed into the middle of the screen for no reason


seems the imdb comments section is closing


‘Racheal is an Experiment. Nothing more.’

Not to mention the older units described as ‘muscle miners,’ with the nexus six generation being indistinguishable from Vanilla human being what had Blade Runner division, specifically Holdon, spooked.

That said I don’t want to be That Guy too terribly much given you took care in doing set dressing and scene setup with obvious care. I will admit having two callback lines two the movie in rapid fire being kinda jarring, but I doubt casual watchers will notice.


@Chris_GrantH Cool film. I had a few technical thoughts:

  • I kept being distracted because it was “too HD”, no feeling of film grain or fuzzy edges.
  • The soundtrack also felt “too digital” to me. Like DX-7 or other FM synth plugin sound that never actually went through an analog audio signal path.
  • No room tone, or at least thats how it sounded. There was background noise but the dialog didnt sound like it was in the place I was seeing.

Probably those two above come from me having an expectation based on the original source material and the technology of the time. Allowances made of course for the extra steps and cost that the first two points would require given today’s tool chain to end up with the look/sound of the original source material. That is, I know it costs extra to expend the effort to get digital to look and sound analog.


Meanwhile I just kinda let the first pass go at ‘turn brain off enjoy for what it is.’ I didn’t want to get over critical til later.