Spectacular Blade Runner fanfilm, made for less than $1,500


Those were my first pass impressions…

Trouble with having gone to film school and being an audio geek is that it is almost impossible for me to shut off that part of my brain.


Fair enough. Doesn’t help I have vision issues. I like how guy got around the issue of establishing exterior shot but having to deal with the fact they had no elaborate physical set. I mean it’s sprta obvious feeling but it works well enough to me given budget.

Whole time I kept thinking ‘this is what ‘close’ costs. The added twenty million is to patch in those little details to smooth it all out. Things like extras to help set the stage, a prop or other help so the spinner door opens properly, better audio so it doesn’t sound like it was all done on a home PC synth program. Stuff like that.’

I liked the J F Sebastian joke. Though to be honest that both seems odd and appropriate. Given the fact he is in the movie early twenties he has to be an uber genius to be the go to guy for Tyrrell so possibly is a savant. On the other methusila disease making him grow old fast.


Actually the audio issues I brought up before could have been fixed at no cost during the production process at near zero extra cost.

  • “dirtying up” the synth sounds or simulation of analog can be done while creating the sounds in a digital environment with zero cost plugins or with the plugins commonly included in all digital audio workstation software.
  • Recording and looping in a little room tone doesnt require that much effort at all.

Also FWIW, “a home PC synth program” sounds pretty damn good these days.

Sure, its a good directorial technique because really we dont need to see all that to believe that the main character went from the car to the bar. That can be skipped with no effect to suspension of disbelief.


Given this is your area I will differ to your judgement.

Wonder if we’ll see the fallout of this case being stitched into a lengthier project.


I enjoyed that. I particularly liked the “Who would build a clock that lies” line. Is that from the source material. Russel Savadier is great.


Thanks, I’m no expert, just moderately educated & experienced.


I don’t remember that in the source material, but I do remember one of the things it offered as food for thought is ‘why make a slave race human acting and possessing feeling?’


Someone needs to give you a million dollars for a series.
I would love a back story series involving the book/movie set in the time period before there were BR units and maybe explore why they were created.

$1500.00 … blows me away Great job sir!


This was excellent. I love the idea of exploring the Blade Runner world before the events of the film. This really captured that weird mix of retro-future grungy darkness that the film had.


The blade runner’s tie is a thing of beauty.

Your art director or her hirelings deserve a solid thank you.


um, well, it looked pretty good at the start. After watching I’m not surprised it was under $1,500. Pretty simple effects, but they look great. 80% of it was two guys in a booth.


Aha all becomes clear! Nice movie!


Yeah, as I understand it it goes:
“Executive Producer” = money guys
"Producer" = organizer/ideas/overseer/manager


Who was the Colorist?


The problem with when producers and directors crow about these impossibly low budgets is it creates the perception that shooting narrative and commercial work is cheap. For those trying to make a living doing commercial projects the clients expectations are…but they did this blade runner thing for 1500 dollars. So we can only budget 1000 dollars for our project since it is only 5 minutes long. And then desperate Art institute video grads will take it cause…it is the best they can get. Then they deliver a shit product cause they could not get a qualified crew to work their show,

See the finished product here is 14 minutes. So lets say the script was about 20 pages. @ five pages a day that is 4 days of shooting primary photography. Sure you can be a one man band but then you have to extend the timeline. Or you can get folks to volunteer on your passion project. It happens all the time and is valid but it leverages the good will of professionals at best or naive wannabes at worst.

My point is that this kind of thing lowers the value of the work and brings the entire industry down. So lets pretend that the actual costs if everyone were paid for their time is somewhere north of 1500 bucks per finished minute. In reality the value of the show is closer to 22K Not 1500 bucks.


You’re seriously blaming this Blade Runner fan film for “bringing the entire industry down” and causing other people hardship?


Are you having like a bad day, man…


Its not the film that cheapens the industry, its the claim that it only cost $1500. The film is great.

I get it. You claim it only cost X amount to get attention, to get more work but your basically putting the value of everyone’s time are talent at $0.

People who work in film and vfx know what the labor, experience and gear costs, but you’ll get producers and clients who want 10+ minutes of finished film for $1500.


Hi Chris

I think you did a great job, despite the budget. Could easily have been $15,000 or $150,000.

Funny (to me) story: after watching the original Director’s Cut 10-12 years ago, I wondered myself what it would take to build upon the universe. Jeter’s books had come out, and at the time we were just seeing some of the CG ‘reverse aging’ tech come online.

So I thought “well hell, why don’t I create a fictitious writing/production company name and solicit an idea to Ridley Scott?”. I told a few friends first, and they recommended that instead of hitting up Ridley, I should try his brother Tony - no slouch himself.

So I did this - I sent the framework of the idea to Tony’s production contact email address, thinking many bigger movies had less of an idea to start. Expecting to hear nothing, I was shocked when they got back to me, interested to speak. Terrified at the prospects of having to both fess up and be straight with them, I cowered away from ever getting back.

For the record - the ploy synopsis I sent centered around an aging Harrison Ford, 30 years later, being pulled back into active service to hunt down his own 35-yr old replicant from the original film - Decker - and being embroiled in a larger human-replicant conflict. I’ll be curious if this is how the upcoming movie pans out…


Fantastic short film. The only thing I missed is a “darker” atmosphere. I found the cafe to be too bright and jolly for the theme, but still, impressive work.