Dune trailer

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I miss the pug.


This shows off what Denis Villeneuve does so well, why I enjoy watching his movies again and again. He works hard not to show off, to make things seem as natural as possible.

Oh, and I see confirmation that the ornithopters are akin to dragonflies. Finally.


Did they upload the trailer in 1080potato? Watched it fullscreen on my PC and the image quality was not good. Whatever they used to compress and encode the video really fucked with the video, i’ve seen other movie trailers recently that looked pretty clear at the same resolution. (edit: shocked that they dont have it available at higher resolutions as well)

That said there’s some things going on with the trailer that don’t necessarily excite me about the movie but there’s enough there that makes me look forward to seeing it.


This looks good imo. It’s definitely not like Lynch’s vision but it still stands up with what seems a similar attention to detail and looking like a lived in world.


The movie i’m most excited to see this year by far is The Green Knight, which comes out in a week or so


Looks like this is actually worth a trip back into the theatre. The sense I’m getting from the trailers is that the casting will put this one over the top.

I’m glad they haven’t shown the Guild navigators, even though they fascinate me (as do the Mentats). It will be hard to match Lynch’s conception but I’ll bet Villeneuve comes up with something of his own that’s really cool.


just from the previous teaser and his work on Blade Runner, i was already on board, but this seals it: this will be the first movie i venture out to see in a theater, even if i have to wait until December to do it. this looks really great. i love the thopters! and i read that he purposely wanted to make the soundtrack and music sound like an alien culture made them, so i’m intrigued by that attention to detail, too.


No beer and pretzels? Disappointed.



This trailer sways me more than the 1st. The Sparks Brothers Movie was the one that got me back into a theater. This may be the 2nd.


I’m working on my kumquat Haagen Dazs right now.


The teaser lost me when they started playing Pink Floyd. Took me right out of the moment. I hate when trailers re-purpose popular music, especially when they commission grimdark arrangements. (If the teaser had used just the music they created without the lyrics, it might have caught me.)

The new trailer, however, is wonderful. I’m all in.


Checking HBO’s “official” trailer, it seems a bit cleaner to my questionable eyes.


Yeah that one looks a hell of a lot better, even scenes that had a lot of dust in the air at 1080p looks better than the one posted previously here.

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I have a very high bar. This trailer makes me think: This movie is full of action, and…characters I don’t care much about (except possibly, the arabesque girl in the beginning). If you’ve read the books or seen the first film adaptation of the book, I suspect you’ll love this trailer because your imagination fills in all the missing pieces. (Mine does, but I discount that.) Sure, I know what this story is about from the trailer. Let see, war, planet-wide genocide, internecine noble house politics and intrigue. But inner, deep-down motivations of the main characters (I don’t mean one-dimensional stuff like “I shall avenge my family!” That’s low-hanging fruit.) Seems very dry. Part of that is the difficulty in portraying a holy/celestial messiah; that often runs afoul of the blank-beatific face syndrome. I don’t think the movie will be boring – fireworks displays are never boring: too much boom-boom-boom for that – but I doubt it will be profoundly moving. Admittedly a high bar. How many SF Action movies transcend just action to be also a deep personal drama. That’s a genre blend. Very rare. Despite my luke warm expectations, I will watch it. I think many fans will love it. I hope they do. More happiness in the world.


What if there’s some pop music that happens to have been written referencing the work?


Had that very edition when I was a kid!


Doon and Bored of the Rings are fucking great. Like Cliff Notes, but hilarious.


It looks a bit too action-y for my tastes. But it might be entertaining nonetheless.

What I liked most about the books is paul atreides constant struggle to balance his timeline between freeing his newfound people and not turning them into utter maniacs who’ll destroy the universe. And somewhat failing at that.

But I understand that ‘fulfilling his glorious destiny’ is more in line with what hollywood likes to make ;-D


Yeah, as much hope as I have for these movies, I’m afraid they’re going to miss the point that Paul really ISN’T a hero. He’s a cautionary tale.