Dune trailer

Yeah. i’m just worried that guild steersmen are so problematic that they’ll be mostly “kept offstage”.

(Shecky the agent: “See… the problem with your ‘still suits’ is that our actor hardly ever gets to brand his face”)

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Why is Frodo playing Paul? I kinda guess that Chalmet does the ‘lost and tumbling through a pre-ordained fate’ face, but he seems to just always be standing there – how will that work in action? Do they just cover up with the stillsuit and we don’t need to see the range of emotions?

Halleck, Duncan Idaho and Duke Leto look fantastic, but they all die awful early in the story or disappear til pretty close to the end. Duncan needs the pug.

I was excited about the movie until I heard the “snappy” dialogue. The studio will now rename it Fast and Furious 10: Spice Flow.


It’s almost like the ppl complaining about action or dialogue haven’t seen any other Villeneuve films. Can’t please ppl on the internet with anything. Such typical and boring reactions.

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Maybe, but the director has enough range to garner high enough expectations. We aren’t talking Michael Bay here. What more do you expect from general audiences?

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This movie only covers the first half of the first book.

I don’t think we see a navigator until the very end of that book.


This trailer (plus what i read about the IMAX preview) is doing a lot to assuage my fears. Framing this with zendaya’s story seems like a good way to make clear the anti-colonial message at the core of the novels (something the novels do a bad job of articulating).

Agreed. I’m already unimpressed by the writing.

I recently re-read the original novel, and the navigators are only mentioned, but never shown. It isn’t until later, with Dune Messiah and Children of Dune that the navigators are mentioned in detail. I would be happy if the film treats them the same, only showing them if they directly apply to the plot. With David Lynch it was simply too grotesque and alien for him to leave them out, as it’s the grotesque and alien that is Lynch’s hallmark.

Me, I feel that great science fiction worlds hint at richer histories and worlds beyond what we see, without showing off. And that breaking this rule is what cheapened the Star Wars movies over time.


LOL, we get this 20 year old video in 4k, but only over-compressed 1080p for the trailer of a 2021(20) movie.

Hope it’s just youtube taking it’s time with processing, but come on!

Almost none of the dialogue in this trailer is from the book. As much as I love the book (as do most of you I suspect), I consider this to be a good thing. My hope is that the filmmakers remain as true as reasonably possible to the major plot points and setting but have created something that is less cold, less “bizarre” and more approachable to general audiences. For this film to make a nice profit, a heck of a lot of people who have never read the novel are going to need to see it and, ideally, enjoy it.


I see your point but I hope that you’re wrong, and remember they need to sell the film to a large audience, so there needs to be lots of boom-boom in the trailer. Normally, I wouldn’t get my hopes up but Denis Villeneuve seems to personally care deeply about the material.

Also, Quinn seems to like the ten minute segment he saw which is encouraging:

But yeah, it’s always better not to get hyped beforehand.

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That’s promising, the book and prior film had horrible pacing and tried to put too much plot at the end. Here’s hoping they can rearrange to let us enjoy the world and build the climax at a suitable pace.


I wonder if some non-Dune folk in the audience thought that was the name of the dog.


If so, perhaps because the first half of the book (more or less up to the initial acceptance of Paul and Jessica into Fremen society) is what’s reportedly being covered in the Part 1 film, so I wouldn’t expect messianism to be obviously pushed forward until Part 2… assuming it gets made. Paul — as a Messiah figure — becomes quite obvious later in the book, and even much more strongly in Herbert’s next two Dune novels.


I wonder if this is a deliberate attempt to reach a more YA demographic and overcome perceived failures with the heavyweight 2049.
Maybe (please) it’s a limited thing and has just been emphasised in the trailer for the above reasons (say I optimistically).


Are you chasing after phantoms?

I think Herbert had some interesting things in mind thematically when he wrote Dune. Maybe some parallels but not explicitly anti-colonial. I love that he referred to Dune as “high camp.”
This piece quotes extensively from an interview Herbert did just a coupile of years after it was published and I think it is interesting and sheds some light: