First look at Blade Runner 2049!


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SQUEEEE! That is all I can manage for now.


For me it’s sque, which is cautious optimism.


It has Jared Leto in it. I hope it’s a small role.


Not sure why they have to drag this out so long; it’s a simple yes or no question. Do they dream of electric sheep, or not?


Leto and Jarjar buy it in the opening sequence.

I thought it looks great if maybe a little Dick Tracy on the colors? but it’s a trailer so who knows?


This better not Prometheus me.


Walking through an arid landscape in a duster. That’s a TV trope, isn’t it?

EDIT: Yes. Yes it is.


“Things were simpler then”

Brother you said a mouth full.



Harrison Ford
Jim Carey
Whoopi Goldberg
Hologram Tupac
Macaulay Culkin
Abe Vigoda
The pig from "Babe"
Steven Seagal

Oh, wait. Those are Trump’s cabinet nominations.

[wipes sweaty brow]


I was rolling my eyes at the very concept of a Blade Runner sequel until seeing Arrival.

I now have a lot of faith in Dennis Villeneuve to handle this.


Thought he said ‘eggs were simpler then’.

Then again both Ford and Gosling like to get their mumble on…



I’m not sure how I feel about this just yet.


I liked Sicario, haven’t seen Arrival yet. Still not convinced Blade Runner needs a sequel though.


Denis Villeneuve directing (Sicario, The Arrival, Enemy, Prisoners)

Roger Deakins as director of photography (No Country for Old Men, A Beautiful Mind, True Grit, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, A Serious Man)

Jóhann Jóhannsson as composer (also Sicario and The Arrival, as well as The Theory of Everything)

Count me in!


truer words have never been spoken




Can’t wait for all of the different versions.

Theatrical release.
Blu Ray release.
Extended Blu Ray release.
Extended Blu Ray release without the annoying narration.
Director’s cut.
Extended Director’s Cut.
The version where Decker IS a replicant.
The version where Decker ISN’T a replicant.


Exactly, I had zero interest in a sequel to one of my favorite movies. But I wasn’t familiar with the director yet, or knew that Roger Deakins was the cinematographer. So now I’m very hopefully optimistic that they can rise to the challenge.