Trailer for Blade Runner 2049


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It looks like it’s going to be a very good looking film, but it looks a little… I dunno, action movie? It looks like it’s very competently shot, but I’m uneasy about the plot.


Shut up and take my money.


full dubble post, all the way across the sky!

need to merge threads.


I bet there’s still a notable absence of electric sheep though.


(turns out I don’t know how to delete a comment :confused:)


Oh my god! What does it MEAN?!!


This is almost as awesome as the one Rob posted!


That’s just what worried me. Action movie.


So… Rick Deckard seems to have aged. Curious.


Not a replicant, then? But replicant BB post - and that will never get old! :wink:


So, the Bradbury Building is still standing in 2049? Indestructible!


No offense to Johan Johansson, but I feel like Vangelis should have been involved.


This is a crime against art.


You know, that’s my least favorite part about the original Blade Runner (unsuccesfully ducks rotten tomatoes), I always felt like the soundtrack dates it all too well, smack dab in the 80’s, this score sounds like they’re hinting at Vangelis but with more modern usage of classic synths, à la Daft Punk.


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