Blade Runner 2049 trailer


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Interesting that the lettering on the window in the mansion is in Hangul (Korean alphabet) – so the Koreans are on top in 2049? That’s new. The original kind of mixed Japanese and Chinese references (not to mention the Hungarian-influenced “cityspeak” that Gaff spoke) but not really Korean.


we’re going to miss the likes of brion james carismic character acting


Or this movie might have a globe-trotting aspect, instead of being entirely in future-LA.


I was thinking the same thing, seeing that air pollution seems to be less of an issue in this version - at least somewhat removed from Los Angeles.


What no voice-over? Hard pass.


Misty, fog-enshrouded inner city atmosphere. Check.

Flying vehicles with manta ray horn-like thingies on their front ends. Check.

Imposing quasi-pyramid monolithic structures. Check.

Oblique visual references to a world of high-tech marketing. Check.

Harrison Ford. Check.

Ridley Scott. Check.

I wonder if they left anything out.


Vangelis score?


Who did the score for this one?

Okay. I just checked: Jóhann Jóhannsson

Same guy who did Sicario and Arrival. That’s good. I think Villenueve works with him a lot.


The internet is right.

Now, what about those space jockeys on display? I did hear about a theory linking Alien and Blade Runner before…

edit found it

And there is also the link with the Predator universe and Terminator.


Wait…Harrison Ford has aged? There goes the premise from the first film (Director’s Cut) that Decker is definitely, absolutely a replicant with implanted memories of a unicorn dream.


I thought the trailer showed it COULD be good. I think they might capture the tone of the world, but we’ll see if the actual movie is good.

(That said, the original Blade Runner took a few viewings before I warmed up to it, but whenever you can’t stop thinking about a movie a few days later, you know it was something special.)


although I mostly agree, i’ve become a fan of Batista.


Eh, way too much creepy-floaty visual metaphor. The original was concrete like a bullet.


Some folks call it a sling blade. I call it a Kaiser blade.


Businesses that will cease to exist within 10-20 years?


I just signed up to the BB BBS to mention this and found you already had it covered. I mean, Harrison Ford’s a nice get and all, but dang, how y’all trying to watch a Blade Runner without Vangelis?


Yeah, I must admit, I saw the opening screen for the trailer and thought to myself - “In the name of God, don’t let Deckard/Ford get behind the wheel of a damn flying car”…


That means Blade Runner and Prometheus are part of the Tommy Westphall universe! Weyland-Yutani was mentioned as existing in Angel, and the Buffyverse is part of the Westphall universe by way of brand names.