Blade Runner animated as 12,000 hand-painted watercolor paintings




Awesome project, but you did say something about Blade Runner should only be 30 minutes, and now your heresy is the only thing I can focus on.


It’s very beautiful, but I like it better as a short. It was difficult for me to watch after a while without getting vertigo.


I agree with that being heresy but here is an interesting fact. Last year I decided to edit out every bit of dialogue from the film leaving a series of strange looks between characters and amazing visuals in between. With that done, the run time was only about 35 mins shorter than the regular run.
For an example of a scene with no dialog check it here:


And noodles.


Okay, maybe you can tell the whole story in 30 minutes, but you’d miss a lot of phantastic visuals. I first saw it on it’s original release, the first movie I saw in 70mm on the BIG screen, and it was just great.


That’s lovely!


I agree, that scene is wonderful. I’d love to see the whole thing, and to see how other movies with a less deliberate pace hold up.


It’s an impressive feat. It isn’t watchable, though, unless you remember the original movie well enough to interpolate past the lack of detail… and at that, I found I gave up at about the word “skinjobs”.


For some reason I am strongly reminded of the experience of watching ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ before I had read the book.


Don’t feed the troll…


Agreed. Awesome at first and then the cataract feel to it became too disturbing to continue. It gives me a sense of empathy for those who suffer from it.


This is gorgeous, and an incredible effort. BUT. The medium of watercolor is the wrong choice. It’s too bright. The mood would have been captured much better using color pastels on black paper. I’m not trying to be a dick. But I did go to art school, so…


This is why I am very skeptical about the Director’s Cut. Take away the narration, and there are numerous places where the result is exactly like what you did with your editing. I can’t remember if it was this same scene, or the one right before it when Deckard first shows up at Bryant’s office. But take away the narration, and you have this inexplicable shot of M. Emmet Walsh just sitting there. It left me with the impression that, in spite of Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford’s subsequent complaining, the film was originally and purposely shot – or at least edited – with the idea that the narration would be there. Thus it’s only a “director’s cut” in the sense that they edited the narration, but not the film itself.

On a similar note, you will never watch My Three Sons the same way again (though maybe you weren’t going to watch it again, anyway) after you find out that Fred MacMurray filmed all his scenes at once, for the entire season, so he could go off and work on movies. They filmed the rest of it without him and then spliced him back in.


I wish this artist and others would make desktop and mobile wallpapers available for sale at $0.99 each. I know there are complexities around this, but I’d buy them if it was a simple process and they felt assured that the benefit for them was there.


Technically, the VO narration was in early scripts. It was then pulled and re-inserted numerous times in the filming process. What we got in the narration was put in at the studios behest because they felt the film needed it to help drive the film, but it was not an unprecedented idea. Ford’s “bland” take had nothing to do with him wanting to sabotage it. It was merely that he recorded it months after final production had stopped and he had moved on from the project and was also given no direction on his performance. If you have a chance, watch the work print version for some additional narration lines.


My brother! here is something I did


What I wonder, is if they had a hand in the editing – e.g. those shots of Bryant sitting there and just breathing might have been alternate PoV shots for when Deckard was talking to him. My speculation is that the studio (or whoever) edited these shots in to give more room for the narration (something to go underneath), but when Scott (or whoever) put together the Director’s Cut, they deleted the narration, but left in these “padding” shots. It might just look that way to me because I saw the narrated versions so many times before I saw the Director’s Cut, but even keeping that in mind, the DC is kind of awkward for me.


I wonder if this de-wording is automatable? If you’ve got a 5.1 mix, then IIRC the center channel should just be dialogue, so it shouldn’t be too hard to strip out all the talky-bits… Then we could have whole films worth of wordless beauty :wink:


heh. It was actually your original posting of the Dune clip that inspired me to do it!